How can I wean my 2-year-old off the pacifier?

I want to know any tips help me get my almost two years old ( he will turn 2 in December ) off his binky? He uses it at night and for naps. He’s usually good during the day without it unless he sees it, then he wants it. And if he doesn’t have it sometimes, he puts his fingers in his mouth or anything he can find. I just need tips to get him away from it. I don’t want him using it after two years old.


He will get over it…throw it away…had 2 kids they both survived the trauma


I got my daughter to leave hers out for father Christmas to swap for presents xx

Plain and simple Stop giving it to him. He’ll cry for few days but he will be ok .


I took my sons away at 11 months… Right before the bottle went bye bye… You just take it away… He’ll get over it in about 2 weeks…

My sister let’s my neice who turned 4 in July still use one…and she has a younger one also on one… 4 is way too old…and she has it for more than just naps and bedtime but for some reason wont take it away

I cut the tip off and gave it back to my toddler. Once she realized it was broken, we threw it away. That worked for both my kids.

We had an incredibly hard time breaking our son. A friend told me a great solution… we took all of his “ninnies” and tied strings on them & hung them in a tree for the stork to pick them up for the new babies that needed them. The next morning there were big boy things in their place… matchbox cars, little trinkets that kind of thing. We talked about how important it was for the new babies to have the old ninnies and he did great. Asked once or twice about them and that was it. We tried just taking them away bit he screamed for hours. We tried the cold turkey a few different times without much success but this worked fantastic. He was so excited to give the new babies his pacifiers and get big boy things in place. Good luck


I broke my daughter of the bottle and the pacifier clickety split. Each time she’d wake up in the morning and the big girl fairy had come and replaced the bottle with a big girl cup. And then she came and said she didn’t need the nuk anymore and took it with her for a new baby who did. She bought it all. Course I had to hide it all

I just gave my kido teethers inplace of a binky. She stopped caring and got to teeth away which helped her

Ugh! I feel you’re pain. My son is 14 months. And he only really uses them to go to sleep with. So i’m keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!!!

My daughter put them in an envelope and made a HUGE DEAL of ‘mailing’ them to another baby that Needed Them, then went to post office and post office lady went along with it !

Just get rid of it all together “Duh”.


Cold turkey, they cry but just give them something to do.


There’s a great lesson here for first-time expecting moms … don’t give your baby a pacifier as a newborn.


I had 2 kids that used to pacifier to the age of 3 after that to get rid of it. It took 6 months yes 6 months of hell and sleepless nights and horrible car rides.

Except for my youngest which we had no idea he was hiding pinkies under his bed he sucked on them till he was almost 5:00 at night and never knew it.

But I will say it is not as pad is a thumb sucker my daughter sucked her thumb tissues 13 and we had to do everything for her to stop I won’t tell you the awful orthodontic bill that I had to pay for take her Teeth straightened out. Add weather have a pinky for any length of time then somebody that sucks their fingers it ruins their mouths

You could just make up some excuse (giving them to new babies, binky fairy is running out and needs more, you lost it) or if you wanted to try a more gentle approach you could try the Lily Pacifier Weaning System. Which is a series of pacifiers that have a smaller nipple section each time.

The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends to stop use between the ages of 2-4 to ensure no permanent palatal changes occur.

The problem with taking it too soon if he sometimes uses his fingers is that he may switch to thumb sucking. Which is way harder to resolve since you can’t just throw away his thumb lol also it becomes an issue with sickness and germs.

My advice to you would be read the signals your child gives. If you make an excuse and he cries but doesn’t use the thumb, ride it out for a week and see if there is an improvement. Try the Lily system. But consistency is key and not giving back in. HOWEVER… if he starts using the thumb as a replacement give him the binky back. Because you can always try again later. You can’t cut his thumb off lol

P.S. I have 12 years experience as a pediatric dental assistant. Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Get rid of them, all of them. Takes a week, he will adjust.


What we did with our son was cut the tip of the pacifier … and when he asked for it, we gave it to him and he saw it was broken. He asked for another and we said theyre all broken. He tried using it but of coarse it didnt work… he ended up losing interest in it because it didnt work anymore. So within 2 days he was weaned off it.


Put it in the trash!