How can I wean my 3 year old from breastfeeding?

I have two kids, one three-year-old boy and one one-year-old girl. I breastfeed both, but I want my boy to quit breastfeeding. Any tips, tricks or advice??


Stop offering it to him. Give him a sippy cup with milk in it.

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I weaned my kiddo at 2yr and I basically just kept telling him that boobies are for babies now. Boobies are not for big boys anymore. Just had to offer distractions and alternatives until he gave up. We took him to the store and bought him a new cup only for big boys. Took 3 months and he was weaned off. Good luck mama… its a rough process. :+1:


I need this too I have a 1 1/2 and I’m 19 weeks pregnant and my little one will not gave up lol

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Give him a cup instead and tell him he’s a big boy and needs to use the big boy cup. It’s ok to not offer the breast to him anymore. You don’t necessarily need to wean him off. You can cut him off and not allow it anymore.

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it’s not that easy just giving a cup. . :woman_facepalming:t3:. I’ve been trying this with my 1 year old daughter and it usually ends in terrible tantrums. It’s a comfort things for them. They have gotten use to it.
Slowly offer less and less. My daughter only get breastfed for bed time. And we are slowly back off on that. I’m due next month with another and my goal is to have her weaned by then.

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Get him some fun cups to drink out of

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He may be feeling left out because the baby is nursing. Make sure you give him some individual special others said tell him nursing is for babies only and he is a big boy now. I offered my girls extra story reading, massage etc instead of nursing.

I always heard ppl say put some mustard on ur nips when they want the boob lol

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Ummmm stop offering up as a choice. He is 3 drink from a cup

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Take it away simple as that. Give him a big boy cup and tell him no boobies . Don’t give in anymore cause he’ll cry about it n probably try and take one out so be stern and don’t give in as hard it may be

Give him a sippy cup

How often does he nurse now? Cut back to just nap time bedtime first thing in the morning. Or cutting out 1 every couple days if he does more. Only do it at home NEVER out and about make it clear to him that it’s only a bedt thing. Slowly make sure you aren’t readily available. I breastfed all my 8 boys the last 4 were almost 3 but always done before the next baby but some I literally had to leave and let dad handle some meltdowns. It’s hard but it all depends how much he is currently getting maybe tell him the baby NEEDS more.

Advice. act like you’re sleeping. So baby won’t want any boob. I breastfeed my second daughter almost 4 years. Kind of stressful when you want to sleep and toddler won’t let you.

My son is 2.5 and we just stopped. Good job for making it that far!! I would definitely decrease down to once a day. If hes nursing just once a day already, go to every other day. I’d do that for about a week meanwhile telling him that mommy’s milk will be for the baby only soon. Explain and mentally prepare him. If he wants milk let him have almond milk, coconut milk in a sippy cup. He may not like it and that’s fine. We dont HAVE to have milk past our nursing experience. He will be fine! You got this!


I weaned my 3 yr old when she was 2 by giving her a paci. While I know it wasn’t ideal. It was an easy transition. I will wean that away later when she can understand more


Yeah I nursed my daughter until she was three and had a difficult time weaning her. I just said no more sorry and said once your three we are done. I couldn’t take it anymore. She’d still be nursing if she could and she’s five…

Not the same, but when I brought home my son’s baby sister (he was 3 and refused to potty train), he saw her and proudly announced, “she can have my diapers”. He immediately began using the toilet as we had encouraged. Maybe you can feed the little one, and explain to your son that he will need to drink his milk from the cup, as you don’t have enough to feed them both. (And you probably don’t) Add flavoring (chocolate) to his drink so that he looks at it as a treat. He just wants to feel like you still love him like your new baby, and you can possibly show him that respect and love by touting him as the “big boy brother” .

Lol. Children at 3 are not wanting nutrition, it is an emotional need. I realized my youngest did not actually like the taste of breast milk. When she asked to nurse, I would, without her seeing me, express some milk onto the nipple. It was “yucky”. After a few times, she stopped on her own. Lots of cuddles instead. No trauma. Am sure this may not work for everyone but worth a try. I nursed 4 children for a period of 10 years.


Let him know he is being a big boy now and let him do something for big boys let him pick out a super hero sippy cup to drink his big boy drinks in ,
Let him watch a special movie
Explain that his sibling is still a baby and needs to nurse
Praise him for being a big brother