How can I wean my 3-year-old from breastfeeding?

Please, no judgment! My daughter just turned three and still nurses a few times a day. I’m looking for advice on how to wean her. It’s largely for comfort, usually when sleepy or just woke up. I kept at it as long as I could because she’s only one of my kids I was able to for varying reasons, but I’m to the point I’m ready to be done. Does anyone have suggestions to help?

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Just stop giving it to her simple


Try putting bandaids on your nipples and say mommy has ouchies.
See if that helps

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I have three…it helped when the other kids talked to the younger one and told them that they didn’t have boobies when they were their age. Also, after going to the doctor say that they gave you medicine that makes your milk bad, lol

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Tell her it’s all gone, that she can have cuddles but no boobies. If she’s that upset get her a pacifier if you’re okay with that. She may just have to cry it out and self soothe.


Should have been weaned at a year old.


You just stop…don’t give it to her. Hand her a cup with milk in it.
Let her cry she’ll get over it.


Just stop!!!
Hell, she’s 3…give her a cup


I would try helping her learn to self soothe for example, when she wants to nurse you can cuddle her and rock her, soft calm humming and allow her to lay her head on you. (Hair strokes worked wonders for calming mine) its gonna be hard and she will likely try to fight her way to the boob but stand your ground and eventually she’ll see there are other ways to soothe. I wish the best cause the same way breastfeeding is a journey, weening is its own. Also talk to her doctor to ask for any helpful tips

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Keep your shirt on!!! :woman_facepalming:


Too old to feed. Sound like you enjoying it


Just stop breast feeding her :woman_shrugging:t3: it’s simple, she will get over it. Give her a sippy cup


I struggled to wean my son at 18 months. My pediatrician told me to just stop and let him cry it out. It worked.

My twins were 3-1/2 when I weaned them. Good job momma providing nutirents for 3 yrs!! Your a rock star :star2:!!
I started eliminating bf sessions one at a time. Then started telling them that soon boobies are going to stop producing so they know. I bought special cups to replace bf sessions too.
They snuggled the boob for awhile til they got used to the idea.
Good luck momma

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The worldwide average age a child stops breastfeeding is between the age of 4-5 years. Breastfeeding is completely normal at 3. Don’t pay attention to the negativity on here. My oldest was 3. I tandem nursed my first 2. When the youngest started teething at 5 months it made my nipples sore so I just talked to my oldest and told him that it hurt when he nursed so “we agreed” that he should stop so it wouldn’t hurt me. He was fine. He didn’t cry or get upset. Just talk to her. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Stop popping your tit out


I would comfort her by rocking her, stroking her hair and rubbing her back and cut nursing down to only bed time for a short time then stop.

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I suggest joining extended breastfeeding support group here on Facebook. Tons of moms asking the same questions and tons of different answers. Maybe something will work for you.

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