How can I wean my 6-month-old from breastfeeding?

My daughter is six months old (almost seven months). Currently, I breastfeed her, but lately, all she wants to do is bite me when I try to feed her (she has teeth), and it hurts so much I don’t think I can continue to breastfeed. Does anyone have any advice on how to wean a baby? I’m a first-time mom.


Cut back on feedings, substitute with formula.

The biting is a phase. But if you are really set on weaning start cutting a feeding every couple days

Go slow! Drop one feed at a time every couple of days so she can adjust and so your supply can adjust and you don’t get engorged. If you do wish to continue bfing just know that biting can be a phase and she may grow out of it or be taught to stop. You can pump and bottle feed in the meantime. But if you do want to wean - good luck and congrats on 6 months!!! It’s a huge accomplishment!


You could express the milk with a hand pump into bottles that’s what I did that saved my breasts a lot of agony xx


I had issue this issue with mine and you have to let them know that hurts and say ouch loud enough to get her attention but not enough to scare them its a process as soon as they bite pull them away and react and then try to latch her again she will learn too

I pumped and gave my son his in a bottle and so he still got breast milk but wasn’t biting me.

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You could always pump and give it that way if you’d like to continue with breast milk. You could try alternating between the breast and formula, but don’t cut back too much at first. Give her some time to adjust. Unfortunately the biting is a part of nursing.

You’ll have to switch to formula at such a young age or pump. One thing you could try is if she bites taking her off, looking her in the eye and saying “OW! NO biting!” That worked with my son. He only bit a few times

The biting usually happens when they are teething and if you wean correctly it should take a month or 6 weeks. That’s so you don’t develop mastitis or get clogged ducts. When mine started biting I would give them something chilly to chew on for awhile before I breast feed. I am also going through a biting streak with my son.

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Biting is just a phase and they mostly do it when they fall asleep so just unlatch her before she falls asleep. I did and had no problems after and were still nursing at 19 months with no biting and she has has 16 teeth


When my daughter started biting I said ouch no bite loud enough to get her attention but not enough to scare her and then laid her down. So she associated biting with no more nursing after maybe 3 times she never bit again.

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Teach her not to bite, it’s easy. Babies cannot bite while actively nursing. When she does bite, unlatch her and tell her that biting hurts mommy and don’t latch again for about 10 minutes. I nursed my son for almost 17 months - molars and all.


Maybe try an electric pump, it’s usually a faze but yes it hurts when they do that.

Give her something to bite on prior to feeding. She won’t bite you. But you could always pump and go for breast shaped nipples

Pump , it may be a phase but it’s not ok to let ur child bite ur nipples off !


It’s not possible for your baby to bite you and eat well. If she’s biting you it’s most likely because she’s teething and wants to bite something. Babies also bite because of boredom or for attention. Offer her a teething toy to chew for a while then try to feed her. If you’re just done with breastfeeding try to replacing one feeding with formula instead of quitting cold turkey. Then after you notice her getting used to it (a few days to a week) try 2 bottles of formula and so on. It’s best to do it gradually but it’s up to you.


Start pumping and giving a bottle, then if you want to quit all together slowly start mixing breast milk and formula

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Babies cannot bite if actively nursing without biting their own tongue. You have to teach her. She could also be teething and is looking for comfort. Immediately unlatch, look her straight in the eyes and say “Ouch, no biting.” You can resume nursing after a few minutes. Keep in mind she’s only a baby and she’s still learning. It helps to offer a teething toy during the break as well. Do not hit, flick, or cover her nose because it can cause her to associate nursing with pain.


I would pump. They still need that milk. My breastfed baby wouldn’t even take formula, so I continued to pump until my pump broke.