How can I wean my son from his pacifier?

My son turned two in March and is absolutely hooked on his pacifier. Any advice on how to wean him off? Continued prolong use it not an option- his teeth are beginning to misalign.


Only give it to him at naps and bed.

I did the binky fairy. Put them on the windows sill and each one that is left will be traded for some kind of treat

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Cut a little off a day until there was nothing left and then said uh oh time to throw it away and had him do it

Just take it away. Dont have it as an option. He’ll whine for a few days but then done

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I did naps and bedtime only first and then a couple months then “lost” it, and went cold turkey.

Keep ONE in the bed Naps & nights only. when it breaks or gets lost its done.

Cut off the end and give it to him. Did this with my daughter and took a day for her to be fine. She remembered it was “broken” and gave it up

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With my son we knocked it back to only nap and bed time. After a while we took it away at nap time. Then after a while we did a count down to take it away at night.
It is harder on YOU than it is on them!

Drop it in the toilet sounds gross but works

Just take it away :woman_facepalming: he’ll be fine. Yes he’ll cry for a few days but he’ll get over it.

We took our sons away a few months after his 1st birthday. We started by only giving it to him at nap and bedtime and then we just didn’t give it to him anymore. It was rough the first week id say but it’s been a few months and he does well, he’ll take his brothers (3 month old) every now and then but he just plays with it and doesn’t usually put it in his mouth.

With my brother … Santa took them away for the baby elves … he was happy the baby elves had his pacis and thought he would get extra presents :joy:


Tell him to throw it away.

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Cut the end of it off


If he’s like my daughter, he loses them often. I told her once she lost them, we weren’t buying more. She hung on to her last two for about a month, but once they were gone she didn’t get any more

I just slowly would take them away. My son was very dependent on his “nini”. But when he’d get distracted and sit it down somewhere, I’d quietly grab it and hide it. He would come to me and go “where nini?!” I’d say I don’t know, let’s find it. As they became less and less, he stopped being able to find one. After about a week they were gone and after two weeks, he stopped asking for them.

I started at 2 yrs old. It took about 2 weeks before he forgot about it.

You throw it away that’s how you do that it’s that simple

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