How can I wean my two year old from her pacifier?

Can any mommas help on giving some tips on weaning my almost two y/o off her pacifier? She only uses it for nap/bedtime, but, I’d like for it to be completely gone before she turns 2.


We came up with a “ninny fairy” each night that she went withiut it she got something special

My son had them all over and I just cut the nipple part off and put them right back where I found them…when he found them and cried I told him the chickens ate them and that was it!

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We cut it and showed him its “broken” and he accepted it. There were times he’d cry for it (bed time) but wed remind him and show him again that it was broken and just give extra cuddles. It actually went better than I expected


My daughter was 2 and a half shit bit the tip off so I told her no more you might could try cutting them to see if that would help and just say no more paci.

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My girl is almost 3 :flushed: I got her now to hv them only at nap time and bed time she is doing great next it’s just bed time then none. But she has a baby sister with them now :roll_eyes: so it’s been hard but she getting there! We just say she is a big girl now and she will say that too.

My child is an “all or nothing” kid and that proved true with the paci, just take it away completely. It’ll be a hard couple nights but they’ll be fine.

We went cold turkey when I got tired of losing them and having to buy more… It was rough the 1st night, but honestly not nearly as bad as I had expected. My baby will be 13 next month. :sob:

I told my daughter she was a big girl now, and big girls don’t have pacifiers. So we took her to the store to get a “big girl toy” (a life size baby, but toy of her choice) and she never mentioned it again. Even with her baby brother having one for a little while longer. She was a big girl now, and felt like it and not a baby. My daughter LOVES being independent so it was no problem for the transition.

we took it away from or cut the nipple down to where didnt want it anymore. i only Delt with one child wanting it out of 3.

When my boy was small (3yrs) we tied them to his bday balloons & he sent them to the baby angel’s in heaven (who where very sad cuz they didn’t have binkie’s). Never asked for them after

My son chewed holes in the tip of all his and as he did id toss them out, but the day he did it to the last one of a brand new pack id bought a week prior i decided it was enough. I had 4/5 of a different brand that hed refused since birth (he was just under 2) id taken one of the other brands and offered him for bed that night and he tried his best to enjoy it but didnt I guess and he cried the first 2 or 3 nights with it but after that he refused to take it and i never had a problem with him wanting one since. He finds his newborn size ones and uses them for his dolls now at 3

Tell her a baby took it, worked for me ha until he asked if” that” baby took it( random baby) lol then mean mugged it but it worked lol

If you don’t want to go cold turkey, you can snip off part of the nipple once a week until there’s no nipple left. Or there’s a pacifier weaning system that you can buy. I’ve heard that either method works. My daughter threw hers away on her own and my son wouldn’t take one.

When my daughter was 19 months old she still had a bottle, usually near naps and bed but she wouldn’t give it up. She also wanted a Barbie, I told her Barbies were for big girls and your a baby, big girls dong use bottles. If you want a Barbie, throw your bottle in the garage. She walked over to the trash and tossed her bottle. I picked her up and took her to Toys r us and she picked one out. That night she wanted her bottle, I reminded her she’s not a baby she’s a big girl. She took Barbie to bed and that was the end of it.

Well for my son his dad was like we are done I’m done with this he’s too old! I was more sympathetic so i told my son we took his pacifiers to another baby and googled a picture of a baby w a paci and he literally asked me to see the baby w the paci for comfort for like two weeks after but it worked lol

We just completely took it away all at once and told her that they were for babies and she was a big girl now and a little baby needed it more

Let her do it her self its easier that way and u don’t cause stress level of the toddler to get to high they will give it up when they are ready.

Find a new object for them to love. It’s purpose is a soother, make a stuffy or blanket seem so great ya know talk it up love on it with him (try diff stuff, we all like diff things) and gradual replacement until it’s routine to have to lay dwn with.
If your lo fits for 1 while up during day just pay no mind to it, distract distract distract. Eventually they’ll let it go.

Try this!