How can my friend help her autistic daughter lose weight?

A friend of mine that doesn’t have facebook needs some help. She has a daughter with autism who needs to lose weight. She isn’t extremely obese, but she is overweight. I myself don’t know anything about autistic children, and I’m hoping someone here can help? She is 16 with a mentality of around a six-year-old. She isn’t nonverbal. She will tell you to like it is as long as it isn’t loud (football games, swim meets, the mall, etc.) we can normally get her to join in with us, and she has a good time, but she isn’t very active. Thanks for any advice or tips it means a lot!


Gonna be hard, because they’re very into routine and very sensitive to textures. So when they like something they get accustomed to that routine.


My son is autistic and was overweight until he was about 14 nothing worked because his diet was horrible. Eventually he hit a growth spurt and the weight came off

Is she on medication she needs to see her Dr or her specialist or a Hospital Dietician Teenage Girls


I’ve lost over 10 lbs just by watching what I eat and walking at least 30 minutes a day.

She needs to consult with the kids Dr! Period, the end!


That’s a question for a specialist. Not facebook


So just an FYI. Kids on the spectrum usually have limited foods they like. It’s not easy to “change their diet” or “eat more healthy”. For sure she needs to speak with her doctor. Soliciting internet advise for such a complex issue is going to be difficult and frustrating.


My son autistic put them on a diet

Knowledge is power this woman is isolated it seems good on her friend trying to reach out and help her that’s a lovely friend with a child with special needs is very hard let alone a teenage young lady good luck


Goodbye gluten and sugar! That will work wonders and help her function much better!


She needs to reach out to a children’s hospital. ( I work for a children’s hospital ) they can help her navigate the right drs she needs to see. If she finds a children’s hospital in her area remember to reach out to family Faculty they are there to help you including support you mentally and emotionally. I wanna to say to momma … your a great mom it’s never easy when your child is on the austim spectrum. Hope maybe this info will help.


Keto not only helps with autism and adhd among other things but will help with weight tremendously !! Watch the magic pill. It’s a documentary. Amazing !


Regular excerise… why not introduce something like swimming or bike riding and if not a mobile bike a stationary one… i lost 15 pounds after having twins and being a stay at home mom atleast riding a bike… water aerobics is also beneficial but as well healthy and fun thing to do … it shouldn’t be just her though a good way to bond or spend time together i eventually got a trailer for my twins and would go to the beach with them they had a blast and i lost weight win for win

How active is the mom? Mom walks, she walks
What does mom cook? Processed foods and sweets or whole foods?
Does mom portion control, or allow all access to what ever.
And that’s how a “6 year old” loses weight.


Family volunteer at humane society to walk dogs? Walking group at the mall?

Jessica McAndrews maybe you could help

I work with autisic people for 12 years and we used to serve thier meals on a smaller plate


Try healthy choice -weight watchers -lean cuisine dinners lunch it’s calorie n fat reduced really does help I’m overweight diabetic meds n do any helpful meals

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Try a low carb diet. Cut sugars and carbs.