How can my husband get equal custody of his kids?

My husband has two small children that he get every other weekend visitation for. We have been fighting in the family court for two years to get more time like one week with the mother and one week with us.the mother refuses to agree to any more time, saying it’s enough, but twice a month is not enough time to establish a family bond. The mother’s point of view is that if he isn’t with her, he shouldn’t get to see the kids, or he should only get to see them around her. But we have been married 24 years with obviously a small separation and have four kids of our own, and the children did nothing wrong we want them in our lives too. The judge just refuses to see the father’s point of view, and now we haven’t seen the kids since July, and again the judge is like oh well any suggestions on how we should handle this we really want the kids to be in our lives as much as the mother’s life. Equal time


Request another judge

Talk to a lawyer and then go to court

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Call fathers rights in your town they should be able to help

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The courts will only see what benefits the children. One week yes and one week no is a bit unstable to be honest. There’s going to be some uneven time no matter how you put it.


Request a gal for the kids in court.

Something questionable. Usually custody is split 50/50. What did She say and prove that it is on the best interests of the children to spend more time with Her?


That doesn’t make sense. How could you two be together for 24 years and he has two small children?


The one week on, one week on is an awful schedule for children. Think of the children and what is best for them.

Ask for every other weekend, alternating holidays and school vacations.


Sounds like it needs to be mentioned she is using the kids as pawns in a fight with him. Shes punishing him with the kids. Shes only hurting them and the father. Get a good family lawyer.


Lets say your husband lived with her? Would you let your kids live with them half time?


If she’s been married to her hubby for 24 years, wouldn’t children from 1st marriage be adults now ? I’m confused…

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I would request a new judge .

Maybe ask for a different judge or change of venue. So you can have a fresh perspective from someone completely unattached from the entire situation. Or possibly look at getting a mediator. Somehow you have to make the courts and the mother believe she is doing more damage to these children then she knows.


Get a good lawyer & get it before a different judge


Get a family lawyer that is familiar with this kind of case.

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What’s best for the children is to see parents equally when they’re young and when they get older they can decide for themselves; it’s selfish to think otherwise; it’s not about you; it’s about them! Unless one parent is abusive of course!


If he pays child support go to the attorney General office they can help


My grandkids were raised in a one week with one parent, one week with the other. It worked very well

Do the kids want to live with you half of the time? It doesn’t sound like your husband is the most stable person on earth to me… he left you and started a new family then left that family and went back to you? Are you sure these are the only two families?