How can we baby proof a wood stove?

My family and I just moved to a new house, and we have a wood stove. We have a four-year-old who’s good about staying away from it, but our 8-month-old will be moving around soon, and we don’t want him getting too close. Obviously, we’ll start teaching him “hot” and to stay away from it, but in the mean time, we need to baby proof it somehow. I know people use gates around them, but I’m worried the gate should get hot too. Are there any other mamas with wood stoves, and how did they baby proof?


Put a large child gate around it far enough out that it wont melt

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We have a long baby gate around ours

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Is it in a room you’re often in and watch that he dont touch it…is gateing off the room an option?

I would just get a baby gate and put it around there even get to connect them make it a larger area so it’s not too close

If it is being used I would say a a gate around it and make sure that it’s not too close because whatever it’s made out of could melt or catch fire. But personally me I would just teach my child from the very get go to leave it alone. But my suggestion is baby gate

We found an old porch railing… we couldn’t use a baby gate because the room was too big…

A metal fence around it. If you put it about 2 feet away it shouldn’t heat the gate.

I’ve raised 5 kids with a wood stove right in our living room and at all times it was just supervised without any gates. I taught them all to stay away from it. Needless to say, their first word was “hot”

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Our setup for our 8 month old grandson. This gate is metal…the gate we used with our own kids was plastic. None ever got hot.


Gates kept at a distance. My husband who fished would constantly hang his clothes on it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Quite the eye sore

Thank you everyone! I was pretty sure we could use a gate because so many other people do but it helped me worry less to hear it won’t get hot

Actually, we just put our daughter’s hand close to the hot stove and said “Hot and No” in a firm way. She didn’t really get near it after I gave her a few firm NO’s. Good luck :smiley:

We put a gate around ours. It sits atleast 2 feet away from the woodstove and doesn’t get hot at all.

They have grates you can buy to put around them :blush:

We have a baby gate around ours that screws to the wall. It doesn’t get that hot to the touch

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I have a picture of the gate that I’m getting for my pellet stove (2 year old and 2 month old babies here) but for some reason it won’t let me post a picture of it here lol they have different ones that are free standing or mount to the wall and have a gate that swings so you can still get to it. If you want to see the picture feel free to PM me

Put a baby gate around it

Buy a big gate and out it around it.