How can we get rid of fleas: Help?

I have a son he’s almost 2 and half years old now. Back in early November we noticed bites on his leg, thought nothing of it because we still had mosquitoes at this point that would fly in our room when we’d open the window so we thought harmless… Since then, more and more bites have appeared all month spreading from his legs to his feet, to his back and his bum. There’s no hospital in the small town we live in just a clinic, so we took him to Emergency. The doctor-nurse took a look at the bites (MIND YOU HE’S THE ONLY ONE STILL TO THIS DAY THATS BEING BIT) and had no idea what kind of bites they could be since he was the only one being bit?? She called another child nurse who has children of his own who she said WOULD know what type of bites they were. He had no idea since he was the only one being a bit too AT THE TIME we had lots of puppies ready to be rehomed so my mother in law said they could be fleas… well well well. When I was putting my son down for his nap I stayed in bed (the only place we’ve noticed he bites is in his sleep in a bed) I had the sudden urge to flash my phone light at him to take a look, and there it was A FLEA on his face. So we thought FINALLY we found out what it is and can finally get busy with trying to get rid of the fleas and get proper creams for his bites. We sold our puppies that are all gone, no more house pets. We washed everything in the room, including the curtains. We sprayed down the WHOLE room with flea spray and did the same to his own room even though he doesn’t sleep in there, and the living room. Changed the sheet, sprayed the mattresses and bedding. We got the medicine he needed for his bites and cleaned them every single day. We put band-aids on his bites, which are A LOT from his legs to the back of his neck, so he won’t scratch them and keep reopening them. We put long-sleeved PJs, so its harder for him to get at his bites. As soon as some heal, it seems more pop up? WHY why just him? Like I said, His father and I aren’t biting ANYWHERE. We have a flea trap in the room more flea powder around the room, and he still wakes up today with four new bites I FEEL HELPLESS stressed on top of being pregnant rn I’m getting so sad seeing him wake up crying every night because he gets itchy. WHAT MORE CAN WE DO. We have talked to some people about getting an exterminator here, but since we live in such a small town, it won’t be for another few weeks until they can make a trip here. I feel like I’m failing my son when I’m I’m the one who’s to be protecting him and nothing we do is working please no rude comments I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF ANYONE HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN IN THEIR FAMILY WHERE ONLY ONE PERSON WAS BEING TARGETED AND WHAT WORKED TO GET RID OF THE FLEAS.


We didn’t have fleas but we had bed bugs once and my daughter wAs the only one who reacted to the bites. We were all being bitten, but it didn’t bother my son or I. We never noticed them or saw them on us.

Flea bombs & powder. Vaccume often and empty it in a bag outside.

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Spray yard with dawn dish soap, using a feeder type sprinkler that looks like the miracle grow ones

Are you guys vacuuming every day?!

Commercial pest company.

Have him sleep in your room. Toss out the mattress.

Wait for the exterminator. Maybe try putting bug repellent on him.

If he has a warmer body temp they will swarm him , place a heat lamp over a bowl of water with dawn dish soap in it and sprinkle salt on the carpet if you have carpet it will kill the eggs the heat lamp will attract the fleas and they will drown in the dish soap/water mix


If there are eggs they will hatch. They look like small specks. Like pepper size but kinda reddish

Call an exterminator and a specialist to look for bed bugs. Store bought sprays and home remedies are nothing compared to professionals. Get it treated ASAP because constant bug bites and no treatment can be considered neglect of your child and you can get in trouble for it.


go to the supermarket and get flea bombs

Are you positive it isn’t bed bugs?

depending on how bad it is, might have to bomb the house really good or even get an exterminator in.

Fleas are definitely a pest!! I had a similar situation a few years ago. I realized that fleas still live in some fabrics even though you wash them. I was using one of those fuzzy blankets (soft like animal fur) and the fleas would survive the hot washer cycle and the heat from the dryer. I had to throw the blanket out and problem solved.

Allergy safe way…
My dad always turned a lamp sideways near a bowl of water and dawn dish soap. They hop in and die. Secondly. Spray lavender. They hate that. And wash your boy in head and shoulders. Or tea tree. They dont like the medicated smell.


some of that stuff sold at the store just plain doesnt work.

I had this problem, I had to get prescription flea medication from the vet and spray my house with the flea spray

I suggest getting in a pest control Company… And if u have dogs… Maybe bath them twice a week with the flea products… Also check where the did is sleeping… That has a major cause as to where… Also maybe vacuum ur room if u have carpets… But I really suggest a pest control company… Maybe 2 sprays in a month might help u… We have a pest control company we in business for 30 years… Kindly contact 0627879041 or 0734841816 or 0835402560

once you have let them off wash eveything again…good luck

You can try diatomaceous earth. It 100 food grade so it’s not harmful at all.