How can we help our daughter sleep without her binky?

So, our daughter turned three and the Binky Fairy came to visit. The binkies are now gone, which is great, but sleep has been a lot worse the last couple of weeks. We figured there would be a adjustment period, but does it get better? We swear she slept better when she was a baby. Lol. Obviously the binky was something that soothed her, are there any good substitutions that may help her? She takes a friend to bed and has them in her bed. Doesn’t seem to help. Thanks for any advice!


Have you tried laying with her when she falls asleep? Rub her back?

Keep her awake it’ll be tough but no naps and eventually she’ll pass out from exhaustion and get her up early in the mornings after a while or not having it they forget they even need them

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I’m going to be the oddball I’m sure. I do not take away binkies. I let the kids decide when because it is an emotional attachment. I was told by a dentist that it doesn’t harm them until their teeth start falling out and growing back in. My oldest was a little over 4 when he finally ditched his, my second still sucks her fingers(much harder to nip this habit), my third just turned 3 in June and just now going without his, my fourth is almost 2 and still needs hers, and my fifth is 6 weeks and she doesn’t really care for hers yet(we will see). I say give it back and give it time.


Shell find a toy or blanket soon

I cut the sucker bit off my girls dummy and just gave her the dummy without the teat to hold during bed…she lost interest pretty fast.


My daughter was also 3 when we took hers. I tried to take them sooner but she was just so sad that it killed me. We kept telling her that she was just a big girl just like her big sissy and she loved that. It was a couple rough nights and then she was fine. Unfortunately she was still taking a bottle to bed too, mom fail I know. She was my last and my baby so it is what it is. Lol. So as soon as she got over the binky we took the bottle. Hope she sleeps better soon

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When I took my sons away I replaced it with a blankie maybe u could give her a teddy bear or something else to help soothe her

She’ll adjust eventually

Lay with her. Mine are 6&3 and I lay with them til they fall asleep. The pacifier was a soother but what’s more soothing than mommy or daddy


Before I took away my son’s I took him out on his third birthday to buy a new teddy to sleep with instead of a dummy, he picked out a little chase and we had no issues at nap time what so ever and he never asked again,

Tie Binky to a balloon and tell her it’s going to a baby who needs itn. Make a big deal. Worked. Solid

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Falling asleep w ith her isn’t setting heathy boundaries. Hate me. Love me. Don’t do it


Stay consistent! You’ve got this. This is also a valuable lesson for your future kids to ween them a lot sooner. They shouldn’t have them once they start to develop teeth.

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My kids never liked Pacifiers.
But I would…
Limit pacifier use to certain situations like sleep or stressful times when your tot needs calming. Establish a couple of “pacifier-free” times during the day. Start with 30 minutes—after a nap is a good time. I recommend you use a timer so your child doesn’t keep bugging you to have it.

My daughter got rid of hers at one and none of my 3 boys needed it at all. But they will adjust soon just dnt give in find them something tht comforts them

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What we did with my first is cut the tip of the binky off. They can still have it but because the tip is cut off they will no longer get the suction from it and won’t want it anymore. Worked for my son and plan on doing it with my daughter too.

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We took my daughter to build a bear and a binky is in the bear’s hand. She got to pick out a bear. Her binkies were used to buy the new bear. We ignored her when she asks for her binky. We did this in September. It is November. No issues. She was 27 months old.

my daughter turned 2 in July. We tried to take hers away too … it was weeks of screaming and fighting us nonstop… she ended up giving it up for nighttime and only has it in the car now (that’s when she HAS to have it) so we chose our battles. When we took it away at bedtime we changed up her bedtime routine… brushed her teeth, read her a book in bed, and we got her a slumber buddy… it has a projector light on it and plays lullaby’s. It took 2 nights of this new routine and she went to sleep no problems and never asked for it again at night.

I cut off the whole nipple of all 3 of our girls pacifiers when we were ready and then gave it to them and told them they were broken. They would hold them in their hands for the first few nights and when they asked we gave it to them and they could see it was broken. Worked like a charm for us. Good luck