How can we keep my 15 month old stimulated and stop him from getting into things?

My 15-month-old learns very quickly. He doesn’t say many words, but he communicates using sign language. He gets into everything and doesn’t typically play with kids or with toys. I have been a stay at home mom this year but am going back to work. So grandma needs some help on how to keep him stimulated and challenged through out the day until I can pick him up.

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Give him some pots & pans to play with !


Blocks so he can build things. At that age though it’s hard to stop babies from exploring it’s what they do. So it’s better to control the environment that they can explore. Put up things that they could break, and baby proof your house. Or get a baby cage usually one single gate is not enough we’ve always put two together so that way they have more room. Again it’s hard to control their need to explore but you can control the environment that they’re allowed to explore.


Does he like sensory stuff? Take baby oil and put food coloring with it (not much in the bag) and put it in a zip lock bag and show him how to move around and write on it. Or take shaving cream and spray a small amount on the table and let him smear it around and draw in it (super easy cleanup) crayons and paper, play dough…

Lot of grandparents would like to know that. Pots and pans end up with dents in stove fridge etc. Nick’s in furniture. Every piece not just one. They kinda do their own thing. Keep them from getting hurt and go with the my .view

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Art supplies! He’ll get messy but that’s how they learn. You can make edible paint and slime if he still puts things in his mouth. Musical instruments are a big hit around that age. Blocks and other building toys. Anything hands on and open ended so he can learn cause & effect, trial & error, enhance creativity and imagination. As for him getting into things, put up things he can break or get hurt on. I never baby proofed, I taught my son what he can and cannot touch. It takes awhile but it’s good in the long run.

easiest thing to do is redirect them… eventually they’ll learn. or get a baby fence thing and fill with toys and snacks lol

Try an age appropriate tablet with educational apps. VTECH had several types.

Redirection and reinforcement. That’s literally it.

Reinforcement and baby gates to keep him from getting into things that can hurt him

I redirect them to something else when they get into something that they are not supposed to get into

A 15 month old can keep you hopping

Google baby busy boards.

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Baby gates to keep him out of where you don’t want him. Even with stimulation, babies will get into everything they can.

You can’t stop a curious child

Maybe dedicate a drawer or box of things he CAN get into. Like a curiosity box. Finger painting? Edible play dough? When my boy was that young he had a drawer in the kitchen he could play in and pull things out. Like measuring cups and things

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What ever happened to play pens ?

When u figure it out let me know. Mine is 5 and still gets into everything even though she knows better


Its pretty normal behavior. With a short attention span you cant have any set thing for them to do.

Take it as a sign grandma can’t do it as a caretaker for a toddler if this is your criteria. Toddlers move. They explore. They get into things like it’s their job - because it is.