How can we keep our 2-year-old in bed at night?

Hi. Never done this before, but my husband and I don’t know what else we can do to keep our two-year-old in her bed. Lately, she’s been getting up, turning her light on and playing. Sometimes we even find her in the living room watching her movies after we’ve gone to bed. The only solution we’ve come up with is to unplug her lamp and the entertainment center once we’re all in bed. I think she is afraid of the dark, so she has a problem falling asleep alone in her room. She has a night light, but it obviously isn’t cutting it. Also, most nights, she ends up in our bed. I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 so her climbing into bed with us makes getting comfortable that much harder. I know the transition from only child to big sister is going to be hard for her, so I don’t want to do too much too fast, but I’m at a loss of what else to try. TIA!


You could put a baby gate at her door and get a grow clock? I’ve heard that they’re programmed to show night and day. So she’ll know if its time to get up and play versus when its not.

Also you could get one of those room projector night lights for her, my niece uses one that my sister can control using her smartphone.


Baby gate on her doorway , maybe even 2. And get a chain lock for outside doors put up high so if she figures out the door she cant get out.
Cut naps down during the day and try to wear her out more before bed and then she should sleep more solid


Enjoy him in your bed while it lasts one day he’s not going to want you anywhere near


My almost 3 year old would get out of bed and come crying to us. He sleeps with a lamp on and we just take him back up to bed no matter how many times it takes, we usually let him take a toy as well to bed, he picks a hot wheels or a paw patrol or pj mask toy. Once we showed him he wasn’t going to sleep with us or that he wasn’t allowed to be out of bed he finally learned to sleep in his bed.

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I’m probably going to have an unpopular opinion here. But. My two year old did this around 2.5, and for a month would get out of bed, come into our room, be in her sisters room waking her up, etc. we locked her door from the outside. Once she realized she couldn’t get out, she stopped. Now we don’t lock her room anymore. Also, my daughter is terrified of the dark. We got her a frozen projector nightlight and she LOVES it. Helped her go to sleep knowing Anna and Elsa were helping keep her room safe.


We have a childs door cover over our 2 year old sons doorknob, and we have no toys in his room. Luckily he doesnt mess with his light, but he has a night light so he can see and sometimes you will hear him up playing in his bed but he usually doesnt get out

Try to put those glow in the dark stars on her ceiling or a mobile (they make them for older kids) and cut naps as well so she is more tired when its bed time.


My two year old is still in a crib and can’t get out, is she in a crib? Or a big bed? Maybe that’s why she can have free range at night

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My son is 2 as well I went through a stage like this not with him turning on the lights but he was constantly up and down from when I put him to bed. When he did finally fall asleep half way through the night he would end up in my bed. I told him one night that I will put him in his buggy if he keeps getting up and down until he falls asleep then put him back in bed once asleep. I done that once with him he never got up once put to bed again. As for him waking up and getting into my bed I gave him a Teddy as comfort and when he use to wake up and come in my room I use to put him back into bed and say mummy’s only across the hall and to cuddle teddy and use to give him a kiss and he would go back to sleep its been a month now and he no longer wakes up during the night and come into my room it’s hard but you will get there.

What I dowith my daughter is I put big plus toys( unicorns)next to her bed and let her choose to sleep on her bed or the floor if she picks the floor I cover her up and after she falls asleep I pick her up and put her in her bed.and I don’t leave the room until she is fully asleep.

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Baby gate on the door, and lock her toys in her closet at night so she cant play with them. Also whoop that ass,now is the time to start teaching her wrong from right and if you can start now before the baby get her,it will be easier for when you start teaching the new baby wrong from right cause the older sibling already knows and she can help her/him understand.

A baby gate on the door works wonders


My daughter was afraid of the dark so we did a “room check” and used monster spray to make sure there was nothing in her room that could get her before bed. Night lights are always good to have weather it be a basic one or the clock that shows day and night. Cut down naps during the day so that she’s tired enough to just continue sleeping through the night, if she’s potty training locking the door or the baby gates are not a good idea it will just cause set back and accidents. If toys are the issue get them all picked up at night and fully put away, maybe a lock for the toy box?

I tried the knob covers He took it apart baby gate he climbed it. I finally took his door knob off and turned it around so I could lock him in. This was after I caught mine leaving the house at 4am one morning. I also unscrewed the light bulb when I put him to bed. I have 4 and my youngest is part Houdini part mountain goat. He climbs everything


Baby gate on the door and a door alarm so you know when she tries to open it

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I didn’t take my daughter out of her crib til she was 3. She wouldn’t climb out of it because she knew she would get in trouble. I still have a baby monitor in her room so she knows she can talk to me through it if she needs something. I also keep the house pitch black and the only nightlight is in her room, so she won’t leave. She’s scared… probably because I told her if she leaves her room at night, she’ll get lost in the dark :grimacing::woman_shrugging:


Omg i couldnt imagine locking a baby in room just so i could sleep. My son did this for years to find he has anxiety & sleep apnea…:scream:


I used to have their toddler bed in my room. Saved me some sleep.

Get the Smithsonian planetarium.
Mesmerizing and auto turn off after 15 minutes!
We family bed share, but our little is obsessed. Puts him out quickly