How can wean my daughter from her pacifier?

Poke hole in it so there’s no air. She won’t want it anymore

My mom tied my brothers pacifiers to balloons and send them to babies in heaven

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when my son was that age, he got mad and threw it and he could not find for two days and so he had to go to bed and take naps with out for those two days, and then he found it and i told him to throw it in the trash and that he was a big boy and gave me a high five. he didn’t ask for another one after that. Hang in there mama you doing a good job

We ended up just taking them away. Our son was upset for like a day and a half and then never asked for it again. 🤷

Snip a hole in it and watch her reaction… tell her it’s broke and she should throw it away… then if it works tell her she’s a big girl and you’re proud of her!!!

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I had mine throw it away she never asked for it again

Throw them away and let her cry but she will stop in a couple of days

You’ve got to get all the extras throw out or hid in a good place :wink:

Cutting the end off it will work.

My daughter went cold turkey. I just realized one day a couple months before her second birthday that she just wasn’t using it.

My son was a different story - I finally started cutting it around 2.5 and spread it out over like a month to make it easier on myself. I knew it would work, but wanted to make it easy for everyone. You need to make the first snip really really small - it upsets them the most.

Rub something on it that she will not like the taste of.

I just threw them all away one day and any time my kids would ask, I’d shrug and say, “All gone.” After a short while they stopped asking.

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Elmo has a song about giving up his paci. We talked to Jack about it and told him Dr. Janer (our dentist) told us that he needs to stop using it because it will hurt his teeth. He struggled for a few weeks, but we just kept reminding him of Elmos story/song and what Dr. Janer said. There’s a simple song we sang to help him when he would ask for his “pappy.” He was about 2.5 when we started the process.

We went cold turkey with our 20 month old. Anytime she’d ask for her “bink”, I told her big girls don’t have “binks binks”. She is now a little over a month pacifier free and only asked for one the first three days!

I literally just threw them all away and when my daughter would ask about them or ask for one I would just say idk where they are they are gone lol after about 4 days she stopped asking

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We took our daughter to target…let her pick our her own stuffy and we " mailed" our binkies to new babies aka new little people…

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They actually make weaning pacifiers that get smaller and smaller each size . Might be worth looking into. Safer then cutting it

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I encouraged my daughter to throw it away herself and that worked it took a little bit but I also started taking away at nap times sometimes she didn’t nap but oh well lol

cut the tip! did this with my almost 3 yo and it worked like a charm

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Cold turkey is the best she will get upset for while but don’t give in to her