How can wean my daughter from her pacifier?

I let my little one throw them away herself when they were broken/ dirty. When she asked for them I just reminded her that she’d thrown them in the bin. She never cried for them once after she remembered they were gone. Worked like a charm. Good luck :+1:

Cut the tip off so she can’t suck it and tell her its broke.

Prepare her that you will be throwing it out and only give it to her to sleep that’s what me and my partner did with our little girl she was upset for a while but that’s natural just see how she goes :blush:

Just take it away and don’t give it back she will cry for it the first 3 days but after that she will be fine

Clip the tip of the pacifier…worked on my 3 !

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I cut the tip off if my girls had nothing to suck they lost interest super fast never asked for the dummie again

We used this for my daughter and by the time we got to number 3 she hated it! Took maybe a week.

I warned both my pacifier babies as they started coming up on their 2nd birthday (about 2 weeks) that they were gonna be getting big, and every night and nap I would remind them that big kids don’t use “sussies”. Then when they woke on their 2nd birthday and I took the pacifier, I cut the tip off. There were meltdowns for a couple of days but both of them were fine by day 3.

I’d cut the nipples off and put them back where I found them. Daughter kept bringing them to me as she found the broken ones and she threw them away herself.

Did this with my son last year who was heavily dependent on the paci. I told him weeks in advance that I was taking them away. And then I took them away. It sucked bc his sleep schedule was disrupted. It took about a week but we got through it and haven’t looked back. Good luck.

My oldest had an attachment to his pacifier. The first thing is that I disregarded anyone’s opinion about what age it “should” be taken.

I worked in stages with him. First, we cut it down to naps, bedtime, and longer car rides.

Then I’d go In and take it while he was asleep.
Eventually he got to where he mostly just held it rather than sucking on it to even go to sleep.

Then when he lost the last one, we didnt buy anymore but we let him choose an object to hold. He choose an Easter egg of all things.
But you know what? There was no whining crying or fit throwing over it. He was around 2.5.

Anyone can disagree all they want, but it got taken without upsetting him too much and I’ll call that a win.

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My grand daughter fell and her tooth was loose and the dentist said no binky at all. She asked for it for two days and never again. And the tooth is strong again.

Loose it. That’s how I broke my son. Told him it’s missing and I can’t find it. After a hour search he gave up

Our pediatrician assured me that until he was 6 the pacifier wasn’t a major deal. You got time

Put it under her pillow and have the “Sookie fairy” come and take it. Worked wonders for my friends little girl who put the rest of the pacifiers under her pillow the next few nights until they were all gone :grinning:

Tell her the binky fairy needs all the pacifiers for babies. Have her put them all in a box and leave it out. Next morning when she wakes up they will be gone. Could leave a little gift in their place. Like the tooth fairy…

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I cut my son off cold turkey. He really wasn’t even using it anymore he was just chewing it. I hid them all in my purse he didn’t notice anything.

I just tossed them and my son went cold turkey. A little fussy at first but quickly got over it

My son didnt get off it till 3.5 (long story short had him off it by 2 a family member gave it back to him just to get him to stop talking)

I just had to toss all pacifiers even in the house even his sister’s (9 months old). Any time hed ask for it we would tell him no ur big boy now you dont need it. Your hurting your teeth etc etc. To where now at 3 yrs 9 months he no longer asks for it. He still sticks things in his mouth to chew on but that just something else we are working on.

Throw them away! Might take a few days for the whining to stop but it’s worth it!