How can you afford being a stay at home mom?

Stay at home, mamas- HOW do you afford it?! Especially wondering for those of you whose husbands don’t make that much money. I just don’t understand how it is possible with a mortgage, bills, etc, and I want in!


In my case it would cost us more in childcare if I went back to work . I make a lot of sacrifices tho and pinch pennies like crazy.


Once I was pregnant with our 2nd baby, we decided that it would be better for me to stay home than to pay for child care. Budgeting is key. Meal planning helps a lot, that way you don’t overspend on groceries while still not having everything you need. The hardest thing to adjust to imo, is not having “my own” money to just splurge on whatever I want.

I have 6 kids, so yeah, childcare would kill us. But, I flipped that to our favor…now I stay at home and babysit. My job pays the mortgage, my husband’s job covers the rest. I do what I have the most experience doing and I get paid for it too. It’s not a huge amount, but it covers a huge essential for us.
We are also very frugal. We save all we can. I shop at less expensive stores, we buy second hand whenever possible. We don’t do extras, like lessons, sports, classes very often, but when the money is there we let the kids who are interested do something they like. Oh! And we teach our kids about money as well. They work for an allowance so they can buy things that they want every now and then. Of course, we have the essentials covered, but this teaches them how to wait patiently for what they want. My kiddos are 16, 13, 12, 10, 8, and 6…obviously some are more patient than others, but they have time to work on it. All of this saves us money as a whole for our family

I do doordash but if not for that it would cost more for me to go back to work… plus I see a huge difference between my smaller children vs my older 2 when I was working full time and going to school …I wish I had that time with them

I’m a stay at home mom. I used to always babysit in my home. That way I made money and I was home with my kids. I no longer babysit. My husband does not make great money, unfortunately his dad passed away 8 years ago and we were deeded his property so we dont have a house payment. I’m blessed with a hard working man and we definitely know how to save money. I also homeschool my kiddos.

My hubby makes a decent amount and I only work part time. I get awesome Healthcare coverage for the family from my job so I have to stay no matter what lol

I am a sahm and have been for 10 years. My husband doesn’t make a lot of money. Most weeks it is around $500 a week. Considering we have four kids still at home, three 8 and under that isn’t alot. We cut corners every chance we can. We don’t go out to eat at all except for on special occasions. And then we always make sure it is a buffet type restaurant or $5 pizzas… Lol. We shop thrift stores for clothes for our kids. We just figure out our money, what we can afford and make it work. Daycare for my children would cost a fortune. You just have to squeeze old Abe until he chokes to make it work. There really isn’t any secret too it to be honest. You just pay what you can and work the rest out.

I work from home as a virtual assistant and am currently building my agency to be able to handle more client work. It’s hard to find balance but it makes it so worthwhile when your coworkers are so cute!

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Lots of budgeting, cut backs, and stress. When I became a sahm, we had 1 kid and he was making $2500 every 2 weeks. Now we have 4 kids and he makes between $500-2000 a week depending on jobs. We budget, do not eat out, have streaming services instead of cable, no car payments, etc.

My hubby works hard at his job and he gets paid a decent amount n we sort our bills on a calendar were if one of the bills due on one date or the other n he gets paid weekly so he pays whatever bills off each week n I do my grocery shopping n get whatever we need for the house n then towards the end of each month after all the bills are paid we have extra money to spend on whatever. But we have a mortgage n utilities and car insurance for 3 vehicles plus we do have all our vehicles we own paid off

You struggle, you make sacrifices, cut things that aren’t necessary. But just always remember you and you’re husband are with each other not against each other. It’s hard but it’s just not an option and to be honest I don’t want anyone else raising my kids.


I’m single sahm due to all the effects of covid with absolutely ZERO help from anyone or anything. While also taking care of my sick elderly father, and 100% HANDS ON homeschooling my son, absolutely no virtual in my house hold. I put money aside (the extra 600 a week) and now were living off that, unfortunately it’s dwindling down but I’ll figure it out. I always do.

A very strict budget! Nothing is spent without us talking about it first. I also coupon as much as possible. I resell everything. Clothes, baby stuff, toys… I don’t buy anything that isn’t needed or won’t be used to the max. My husband works his ass off. Like this past weekend was his first days off in over 10 weeks and that time was only because the baby was born. He pulls in so much OT it’s ridiculous. He’s busting ass so we can get out of the crappy place we’re in now.

Benefits, people on Benefits here and usually better off than those if us that work, I choose to work and struggle but I know someone on benefits who gets everything paid for and gets a free holiday every year too and we barly afford our bills x

I’ve been a stay at home Mom for the last almost 14 years. When my oldest was younger I had jobs here and there. Mostly got hired for christmas staff. Now we have 2yr old twins and we figured it out that if I went to work part time, we wouldn’t be getting ahead. My wages would go to daycare for the twins. We struggle financially. My hubby works at a lobster pound and right now there’s no work. We live in canada and have employment insurance which is also called ei. He gets money every 2 weeks but its not nearly enough to live off of. I would much rather be working but I dont have anyone to watch my children for us everyday

Single mom, own my home, receive no child support, have raised 2 kids on my own since they were 2 and 3, they are now teenagers… both went to daycare when they were little… if you want something to happen you figure out how to make it happen. Set goals, budget, if you set your mind to something anything is possible.


I am fortunate my husband is a flat bed truck driver and I homeschool our son, so we are able to go out on the road with him when we want to or stay home. But before he became a driver I stayed home and he worked for a traffic control company and money was very tight you have to budget, budget and budget some more but it can be done

I have been the one working full-time since my boyfriend lost his job back in February. He thankfully was able to work concrete jobs over the summer and moving onto painting jobs now. I am very grateful to work for an employer that has daycare at no cost to their employers.

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My husband makes good money so we are fortunate but you can make it happen on any income if you budget.