How can you control hormonal acne?

For those of you who suffer from hormonal acne, how do you clear it up? I really hate going to the doctor, especially with everything going on, but I am really sick of my face breaking out like I am a teenager. It’s getting so bad, and it hurts! Please help!


If you aren’t pregnant maybe try differin gel it’s over the counter usually in the acne area it’s pretty expensive but dermatologist recommended it to me. My daughter got st Ives blackhead scrub with tea tree and she said it works good too.

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I have hormonal acne too. I tried so many different things but the one thing that really did the trick was TruSkin vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid. I just wash my face with warm water and a wash cloth, then use about a dime size amount of the serum all over my face.


What kind of birth control do you use?

Hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball

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Tula saved my skin!! Not a single zit ever since using their face wash!! It’s amazingggg

I swear by proactive! Been using it for years and it works great!!!


So this shit burns but it’s the only thing that helps me ,the only thing I have it to ,I’ve tried everything, over the counter ,so I started using rubbing alcohol I use it once morning and once at night and they clear up by morning or no later then 2 days

Also if u have oily skin it helps as well
If ur face is more on dryer side u can still do.this and follow up with a moisturizer after

My dermatologist gives me spironolactone for my hormonal acne it works wonders!

I’ve always had painful hormonal acne due to my pcos and this stuff has been amazing!

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Besides hormonal meds, do you eat a lot of dairy? Not kidding you - when I began cooking with and eating more dairy, my once nice skin began breaking out in huge, painful acne that left scars on my cheeks. I quit dairy and the acne is gone… whenever I eat pizza occasionally, it flares up again.

If you don’t want to get pregnant. You can ask for a prescription for Accutane for acne or go on the Pill to regulate hormones

My daughters Dr prescribed her Keflex for her acne and it does work for her!

Im taking Spironolactone subscribed by my dermatologists and I never get pimples unless I stop taking it

Proactiv seriously is the ONLY product that works for me. I’m 38 and look like I’m 14 again. It’s horrible & now I get cystic acne that is so painful. Proactiv (specifically the cleanser, toner and emergency zit cream) is the ONLY thing that gets it under control for me! Also, some birth control pills can help. I was prescribed them for my acne when I was 11. Imagine the look on my father’s face when my insurance mailed a 90-day supply to HIM!!! LOL

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Avarelle patches on Amazon work wonders! I have huge under the skin painful acne and I used the patches and Dr. Pimple Poppers skin care line from Target. I swear by it!
I’m 29 and my skin is cleared so much in the last month

I got a seaweed face wash from the body shop that balances oil. I also use their tea tree oil scrub/wash/mask. And I use clean and clear astringent and face wash as well. In the summer I get some sun and try not to over moisturize as well.

The only way mine cleared up was when I was in the sun! I tried everything from proactive to expensive stuff from the store! But being out in the sun or even using a tanning bed (if you aren’t pregnant) once in a while really helps me!

I got off birth control and used cerave/differin.
Overall I drank more water and exercised more and it cleared up. But I cannot do any sort of hormonal birth control or I break out like crazy.

Go vegan, no oil. Read the book by neal bernard, ‘your body in balance’ . it’ll change your life :slight_smile: don’t make it so complicated. There are so many easy alternatives to help transition into this diet. After you stop eating all these animal products you start seeing them for what they are. Pretty gross actually. I can’t even look at someone eating meat . animal products and too much fat intake really cause your hormones to go haywire. Wish you the best :slight_smile: