How can you get pregnant with irregular periods?

I want to get pregnant…I have irregular periods issue. I really don’t know how to discuss this with others. Does anyone guide me on what to do in this case? I got married three months ago on 28 Dec. I have my period on 18 Jan and until now my period is nowhere to see. I have done home pregnancy urine test but first its negative then after some weeks, I got a positive result, but after some days again, it’s negative. But I always feel sick, like vomiting mostly times. My stomach is always upset and feels bloated. My weight is also rising. Then I have gone to my first gynecologist appointment to get an HCG blood test which is faint positive now, she suggested me to have a beta hgc test, and I also get the beta test, and its result is nonpregnant. I really don’t know what to do . I also have irregular periods issues .


I would def have your doctor run some tests and see what the issue could be

Same with my daughter wait couple weeks and test again

Clomid. Have to see your obgyn. Sounds like u have pcos! I have pcos which caused me to have irregular periods. Dr put me on provera to start a period and then clomid once period started. Clomid makes u ovulate which will make u have another period if you arent pregnant.


You will want to speak to your obgyn/gynecologist. They can do blood work to see what could be happening. It could be hormone imbalance that makes you irregular. Good luck!

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I have pcos. I had to regulate my periods first. I was on birth control for a while to get them regular. You need a good obgyn that will help figure out why your irregular. It took a REALLY long time for me to get pregnant.

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I got pregnant both times with irregular periods so it is possible.

Sounds like pcos. Exact same symptoms i used to have alot before kids. Its also possible to get pregnant without a period. I used to have a period 3-4 times a year. Last one i had was 2 months prior before i got pregnant. That was 14 years ago for me

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I have pcos and you have all the same symptoms, so my obgyn put me on birth control and tried two different types to get my hormones and periods regulated after some months I got pregnant while still on the birth control.

It’s possible, I’m 19 weeks and had irregular periods sometimes missing 2 months in a row. I didn’t know I was pregnant right away because of this though

I would request an ultrasound

Birth control I got pregnant as soon as I stop taking my birth control literally after one month and I was on birth control due to PCOS

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I’ve never been regular, before I got pregnant with my daughter I hadn’t had a period in 5 months! It’s possible girl!

I was just diagnosed with PCOS and thats what it sounds like you have.

In 7 years I’ve gotten like 6 periods there so irregular but when I do get them I can bleed for weeks I’m on my third baby

Sounds like maybe you could have PCOS, I have it and everyone is different with PCOS for me I have weight gain, hair where it shouldn’t be hair, irregular periods (didn’t have one for 3 years once) and I’m insulin resistance so now I’m diabetic, took 8 years to conceive our daughter, now you need to get checked out to see if you have it. You can’t cure it but you can control it! Lots of help out there loads of groups too just have a nose about then I’d see your doctor to see if you got it then go from there good luck x

Lol I’m sorry I’m not laughing at you! I have them too! Sometimes weeks on end, then Gone for a day or weeks, or I have it a day then nothing. So crazy. I started getting my period at 11 and I’m 28 an still that way. I had my last period at 18 and at 20 I got pregnant with no period. Drs said impossible! Two pee tests, a blood draw and ultrasound confirmed yes I was indeed! And even after my son I didn’t bleed like u do after delivery. Well after my son out of curiosity I started still taking my temp, ovulation tests and everything and my temp would change around ovulation. The stick would show my ovulation dates…I’ve never tried again. But I’m 28 and still haven’t had a period but still get the cramps, and mood/emotional changes as if I were ovulating. I would start tracking. Drs did every test possible, cysts, an all that but they can’t find anything wrong with me. Good luck

I would talk to your doctor, it sounds like you have symptoms of PCOS including random false positives. Each person with PCOS has success with different things to get pregnant. So I would definitely consult with your doctor further on this and discuss PCOS and potential treatments if they find that you do indeed have PCOS.

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Acupuncture!!! All the way girl!!!

Actively keep trying. Every day! It’ll happen :slightly_smiling_face: