How can you get wax out of carpet?

Help!! This group seems to come up with awesome ideas, tips, and tricks, so I came here before researching online that stain on the carpet is dried wax from a scented wax warmer that was knocked over. Any solutions on how to get it out??? I’ve tried scrubbing it, but obviously, it’s all dried and crusty, so it won’t come out any ideas??? Thanks in advance!!


Hair dryer and paper towels

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Washcloth you dont care abiut ruining and an iron set on low.


Iron over wax paper and it will stick to paper


If theres color, its gonna stain

Get a flannel and team your iron over slowly and keep going it will stick to the flannel and you won’t even notice

A hair dryer on high might make it melt enough to clean it out.

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Paper towel and an iron usually does the trick. Lay the paper towel over the wax and iron it, it’ll pull the wax onto the paper towel


When wax is cold it contracts, use ice cubes

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Put a stack of paper towels on it, then rub a iron over it. A hair dryer might work if you don’t have a iron. Heat melts it and paper towels absorb the wax.

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Hot iron on top of paper bag. Using wax paper would cause more wax I believe

Blow-dry, blot repeat. Then use an iron and a clean rag. Place the rag on the wax spot and run the iron over it. Lift fold repeat

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Brown grease proof paper and iron it on top of wax it should come out ljkd tgat xx

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Either a hair dryer or an iron and paper towels warm temps over the paper towel over the wax as the wax melts the paper towel will soak it out.

Grease proof paper & an iron x

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Paper grocery bag and a hot iron

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Old toilet and iron and don’t use the water option on the iron

Yes! Paper towel, and a hair dryer! #isellscentsy

Probably ruined if its coloured

I spilled wax on my carpet earlier, I scooped up as much of it as I could with baby wipes then when cold and hardened I used my carpet cleaner with dissolved washing powder in it, worked a dream! (Discovered I had no carpet shampoo left so improvised)

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