How can you get wax out of carpet?

Wet rag, hot iron. Repeat until gone. You can also trim the carpet once you get most of the wax off

Cover with cotton dish towel iron it on low moving towel as it absorbs the wax

I ironed mine. Laid paper towels over the wax, wax paper over the paper towels.


Iron a towel and parchment paper put the paper on the towel and heat the iron on top of that towel underneath it saves the wax going on the iron x

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I just give my carpet a little trim

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Place paper over the wax and then iron it. The hot iron will melt the wax and it will be absorbed by the paper.


Salt it then cover with a white terry cloth towel iron on low.

Heat to get the wax up. Possibly carpet cleaner for stain. If that doesnt work, maybe a mild solvent like vinegar?

I used my steamer on red candle wax

Paper towels then iron over them. The Paper towel soaks up the oil from the wax and the the iron will remelt the wax onto the paper towel. I just had to do that a few weeks ago :woman_facepalming:


I saw somewhere that you can put I think it was parchment paper over the area and run your iron over it and it melts it and it sticks to the paper! Worth a shot at least

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I did the same thing! I put a paper towel over it and ran a hair dryer over the paper towel. When the wax melted the paper towel Instantly absorbed it . It took forever but it worked

I did that and it never came out properly so had to get a new carpet

Put a paper bag over it and use an iron

Paper towel over top then hair dryer over that. Comes out easily. I’m wax melt obsessed so it happens lol

A clothing iron, paper towel and baking paper. Lay the paper towel over the wax, then place the baking paper on top of the paper towel, then use your iron and iron on top of the paper towel. Could take a few attempts but it does work

Use brown paper and hot iron that should melt the wax

Try freezing bananas and then blending them a lot like ice cream

Ice and then you can pick it off

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blow dryer and paper towel