How can you get wax out of carpet?

Blow dryer to melt. Then towel and carpet cleaner.

An iron and a towell

Iron and brown paper

I agree with the iron tips. You can use paper towels, paper bag, old towel or rag you won’t be sad to toss.


I would want to try making it very cold, and then flaking it off. I wouldn’t want to soften it, it might sink into the fibers more.

Coffee filter or tissue paper and and iron…I haven’t tried paper bag, but same idea… I got red candle wax out of white carpet with coffee filter and iron…

Put a brown paper bag over it and run a hot iron over the bag. It will melt the wax and the paper bag will soak it up out of the carpet.


I damped the towel a bit before ironing to help and it worked really well

I used a newspaper and iron. It takes it right up. You will never know it happened.

Iron and paper towel

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Parchment paper and

Use hair dryer and have a washcloth soak it up when it melts!!

get a white towel and put it over the top and iron it the heat will draw the wax out of the carpet and put it on the towel

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I knocked over a candle once and my grandmother used an iron and old towel. Grandpa never even knew! Lol


Use a blow dryer to melt the wax and a warm wash rag

Boiling hot water and blot with paper towels.

You can take papper towels lay ontop of it take hot iron over it sevral times

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Is it scentsy or other wax?

just a guess being wax maybe heat it up with a blow dryer as you scrub/wipe.

Hot iron and baking paper lay paper on top of wax then hot iron that is already unplugged dose not need long. Good luck