How can you tell if a baby has fluid in their lungs?

How can you tell if there’s fluid in babys lungs? Earlier when I was feeding him I think some milk went down his air pipe, after he coughed he paused some so he could catch his breath. I don’t know if I’m overly paranoid or if I should do something


He probably got it out. I would keep him elevated just to be sure rather than lay him flat and just listen for wheezing. Hes probably fine :blush:

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I’m sure he’s fine that happens. But if you think he’s acting oddly then you can always take him in to get checked.

Overly paranoid​:heart: it’s a good thing though. Babies get choked on milk, mine were fast eaters and always ended up choking themselves. If it’ll make you feel better, just hold him for about an hour or keep him close to you, so u can watch him but I’m sure he’s fine :slightly_smiling_face: I would think that reaction would be immediate if something was wrong. You’re doing great!


If you feel concerned have him checked out. If he seems to be struggling to breathe call 911. He’s probably fine.

It’ll be okay! Sounds normal. You can always go to the er if it’ll make you feel better

Happened all the time with my LO. Keep an eye on his breathing and go to the hospital if it seems like he’s having trouble.

More than likely everything is ok, but as mom’s its pretty natural to be a little paranoid (hey its saved lives…it can’t be all wrong)
If he starts acting like he’s struggling to breathe or abnormally tired go ahead and get him checked out.
Otherwise…Keep him elevated for a little bit. Listen for wheezing or “rattling” deep in his chest (totally different than in his throat). And relax. It happens and he probably coughed it all up when it first happened.

Overly paranoid, but I think we’ve all been there at some point. My kids were guzzlers and choked on milk often. It’s totally a thing little ones do. Just keep an eye on him for breathing issues, but I’m sure he’ll be just fine. <3

Call your insurance and speak to a nurse. Call your doctor and speak with them. You are doing great better safe

As far as I know only an x-ray and the doctor listening to the babies lungs is the only way to tell. Now if the baby gets sick a couple of days after and gets a fever with congestion it could be aspiration pneumonia. Take the baby to the doctor or ER immediately in that case.

That’s not something anyone here could tell you. Trust your instincts but also realize that paranoia comes with the territory. Good luck momma!

You can drown in a teaspoon of liquid, dry drowning dont take much, get that baby checked!


You can be overly paranoid. My kids always choked a bit when feeding. If you have an uncall nurse id call just to see what they say… Your baby isnt the only that has choked while feedings… And for fluid to affect the lungs it would have to be by the gallons, like if a child dry drowns…a sip of milk or anything is not deadly… Hope this will help to put you at ease. But you are his mother and if your instincts are telling you something is off then go with your gut and get an opinion from a professional😉

Just make sure you have him propped up while feeding him. Don’t lay him down while feeding. Always make sure to gently burp after as well. I’m sure he is fine but your best bet is to call your pediatrician instead of getting advice here.


If they have trouble breathing, turn blue, wheezing, coughing, fever… Etc…

Take him to the doctor no one here could tell you yes or no


Babies are much more resilient than you realize but as everyone else has said, only a doctor can tell you the answer. If you’re concerned, take your baby to be seen.

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When my kids were little I would put my ear up against their back and listen to them breathe. If there is fluid then you will hear a crackling noise. If not, then its all clear and probably nothing to worry about but keep an eye on for a couple of days.

Only Dr would know but if sounds raspy I would go to Dr or urgent care