How can you tell the difference in false labor and real?

My question is: Moms, how did you know when it was time to go to the hospital vs. false labor? I’m 38 weeks and keep thinking I’m going into labor but I don’t want to have my fiancé leave work or make arrangements with my kids for a false alarm… I definitely don’t want to wait too late either.


Every 5 minute contractions or water breaks. The hospital will turn you away if you dont have those

I just had my baby a week ago, and kept asking the same question to my midwives and fellow mums. Bottom line is labor will start when it wants to start. And when it’s the real thing… oh boy you’ll know.
I used to have false labour pains a lot and I think ‘is this it’
When it was the real thing there was no mistaking it.


If it’s your first. The false labour will likely be unpleasant but bearable. As the real one progresses, not so much​:joy::speak_no_evil::+1:

Just time your contractions. Real labor has consistent, times contractions (overall. Of course it’s not exact.) the hospital won’t admit you until your contractions are 5min apart or your water breaks, generally. You wan2 labor at home for the beginning anyway they won’t give you an epi until your far enough and it’s far more comfortable at home

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Walk drink water and change from laying to standing to sitting and see if they lighten or go away.

If you drink water and put your feet up and it starts to subside, it’s Braxton Hicks. During labor, you’re not able to talk during contractions and drinking water and putting your feet up won’t help stop anything.

You’ll definitely know the difference.

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With my 1st child, I went 2x w false labor…

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If you can walk and talk threw them then they are false labor. When you can’t walk or talk threw them… Then its the real deal!

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My husband said he didn’t care if he had to take me 10 times to the hospital and it was a false alarm 9 out of 10 times. Also, luckily for me, I did have false contractions prior to the day I went in to labor, but my water broke. And it’s not like a little water… It’s like a relitively slow soaking of your pants all the way down to your ankles. It could come out as a trickle, or random bursts of a fair amount but remember, **** it will NOT hurt you **** at all. You’ll want to put like 3 big towels in your car for when it happens though. It sucks getting your seat all wet. Lol

Oh you will know lol your belly will starts contraction more and more each time stronger and closer together and you can make them stop or slow down you can ease the pain but not stop the labor the best way to tell if it’s false labor take a walk of it gets worse and doesn’t stop it labor or if you take a bath and it slows or stops it’s false labor good luck it’s definitely something all never forget

I’ve had four babies and I can tell you this: if you have to ask, it’s probably not real. That being said, that was MY experience. There are a few signs that this may be the real deal you can look for:

  1. spotting. If you have an increase in vaginal discharge that is a bit bloody, that can be your mucus plug. The bit of blood is from rapid dilation.
  1. Diarrhea. This is a known sign, but it isn’t particularly common from what I understand. I only had it with one of my four kiddos.
  2. Intensity. Braxton hicks can be improved by drinking water and changing position, actual labor contractions tend to not be that way.
  3. Duration. Braxton hicks are of variable duration. They might last a few seconds or a minute or so. Actual labor contractions tend to be more uniform. Furthermore, Braxton hicks tend to stop and leave you wondering “what the heck”. Full-on labor doesn’t generally stop until you’ve had the baby.

If you already have kids you will know but dont wait to long i had baby 2 in er and dad dident make it in time to watch but had healthy boy.

They said you’ll know real from fake by how long they last and how quickly they go away. So like, if it’s 10 minutes of on and off cramps… maybe not real labor. If it’s an hour of on and off cramps… maybe real labor. ALWAYS CALL YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU’RE SCARED OR HAVE QUESTIONS :purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

Real labor hurts and you’re in pain and you’ll WANT to go to the hospital- I mean, that’s how it was for me. And also, my contractions were literally 3mins apart

False labor will be contractions, but not bad. Real labor, you won’t be walking with your contractions. You won’t be talking much. You’ll be holding on to anything even for the beginning of it. :rofl:


The week I went into labour I was having cramp like pains more like a period type cramp. The day I went into labour I went to the washroom every hour starting at 630 I couldn’t sleep the night before. My husband went to work at 630 by 730 or 8 I was talking to my mom about how I was feeling and needing to use the washroom every half HR at that point. Since I was told to get to the hospital the min I start contractions BC it was a half HR drive away, I was wondering. My mom calls me tells me to go cuz she had talked to a friend of hers who felt the same as I did. I sent my husband a text saying I may be in labour. Sure enough I had my son that night. I had started feeling the contractions at 8 every 15 mins then when I called my husband it was closer to 10 mins. I felt when they first started it was more like a period cramp pain (which I was confused BC I had that type for a couple weeks not every day but every once in a while and not as consistent) once it progresses tho it’s a lot more painful.

For me after urinating wipe if there’s slimy stuff there u ready.

I found when I thought I was I wasn’t, when I was it was obvious xx

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