How close in age were your kids?

I’m just wondering if anyone has had kids really close in age. How was it? Was your body okay? Did you have any problems? How old were they when you got pregnant? Did baby come earlier?


My kids are 1yr 2 weeks apart. Its hell lmao but they learn off of one another. Then again its literally double the trouble. But i wouldn’t change it even if i could

I wouldnt. Body needs tome to heal and how fair is that to kids to not have a secure attachment bc u had them so close? They get no bonding time. Sad. Far spart is better if possible.


My boys are 18 months apart. No complications & 2nd baby showed up a week early. They are very close & I loved the chaos of having 2 under 2! Don’t assume they won’t have a “secure attachment” or bond just because of the age difference. That’s honestly just an opinion of someone who has not enjoyed littles so close in age.

My oldest two boys are 3 years apart and they rarely fight and aren’t best friends but they share alot of interests. My youngest two are 16 months apart and they are attached to each other but they fight constantly!!

My oldest is 17 and my youngest will be a month old this coming Saturday. So didn’t have them close at all. I’m really close with my first and aim to be just as close to my second.

mine are 20 18 17 15 14 all my pregnancys where fine never had any problems having mine close togther the odd fight but that’s about it and my body was fine

I had 3 kids in 4 years. The first 2 were 15 months apart and the 3rd 2 years later. I was young so my body healed quickly. They got along fine ( as fine as siblings do) I have no regrets. The eldest just turned 40

My son was born Oct of 03 and by Feb confirmation I was pregnant with my daughter born oct of 04 really close and it was no trouble I had a very good support group from family and friends my parents were all hands on deck when it came time to baby sit we never had to offer they volunteer, didn’t have any problems, and they were both born at 8lbs and over and good size in length

1 year 6 months and 1 day… it was great actually :slight_smile:


My 2 are 10 months apart, he had an artery that wasnt opening like it should but it opened and everything was great afterwards, they are both the same age for 2 months…

I had twins then 2 years later another son & then 1 year later another son. So I had 4 under the age of 4. They are all in there 20s now & it was nice they always had someone to hang out with. & they are still always together.


My boys are 14 months apart and have a bond that twins have even though there are not twins … They do everything together . Second pregnancy was quicker and a bit less painful then my first . And no one told me how easy it can be getting pregnant after having a baby :sweat_smile:

Mine are five years apart and currently hate each other. Lol. I wish they had been closer in age.

I have 3 kids 19months apart (they are now 17,18, 20

Mine are twins so 1 minute! LOL!

My kids are almost exactly 2 years apart. High school was the only time they weren’t really close. They are 19 & 21 and talk to each other almost every day.

My two youngest are 14 months apart. I got pregnant with my daughter when my son was almost 6 months. My midwives and Ob said they were close but I’d be fine when I expressed concerns. I worked fulltime+ running a store and stayed very physically active during both pregnancies which I think helped. If your not a active and busy person I think it might be a hard second pregnancy if they’re to close together. The littles and their older brother who’s ten all get along really well.

I have 5 kids. The first 2 are 13 months apart. Then i had a 16 year gap, and then 3 more that are all 17 months apart. All of my babies came by c-section. The only one I felt like was really hard on my body was #5. I was in a lot of pain later in my pregnancy. I loved having my kids close together. We homeschool, and they have their own little group, and they’re all super close.

Logically any doctor OBGYN would tell you, after birth it takes a year for the body to return to normal, it takes time for things to actually go back into place, your hips will thank you as well, during pregnancy they do separate and during childbirth they do come further apart, all women after birth should actually be realigned in the hips technically. My two are 7 and a half years apart and it was nice, my oldest could do things to help and he loves his brother to the moon and back, yes its sometimes tough but we make it work.