How common are miscarriages?

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Very common. Unfortunately not enough people talk about it. I had one before becoming pregnant with my twins. Both my sister and sister in law had one. It’s a very normal thing that happens that fir some reason society has made a taboo subject. If we normalized it then more women would understand that they are not alone.


1 in 4 pregnancies end in pregnancy loss. But my gunk actually believes every woman experiences one and they just don’t know it. Some happen so early they just seem like a heavy period that came early or late. My doctor thinks every woman should get the basic fertility testing when they hit 22 just so they know where they stand hormone wise.

Most miscarriages is due to a lethal mutation of genes . So if that occurs the body over 50% of the time will abort , because something seriously is wrong with the genetic makeup, and the baby wouldn’t have survived . It is sad but that’s what happens. Other times it’s things the mother might have or have done that causes them.

There are some studies that say miscarraige is more common than we think. For instance that very heavy period you had two months ago may have been a very early miscarraige. I had one after my fourth child at an early stage. So I would say fairly common

Common but no matter how far along a woman is, if she’s known for 5 months, 5 weeks or 5 minutes, she is impacted. It’s a loss not talked about often enough!


I have high blood pressure and I believe odds are 1 in 3 with that. I had a late term miscarriage and an early one after that. But my first two pregnancies resulted in 2 beautiful breathing boys.

There are a lot of factors that can make it so you have a miscarriage. It’s all about how your body reacts to the pregnancy and your health. I myself have had 8 miscarriages and one still born. But mine is due to health problems that I didn’t know I had until I was in my late 30s.

I had 4 healthy pregnancies and lost one and have 2 health babies since. But sometimes I wonder if I had other early miscarriages. It took my husband and I almost 4 years to get pregnant with our oldest

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I had two miscarriages. One in 2011 and the other 2012. It took 7 years before getting pregnant with my twin boys.

10-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, although numbers are probably higher, with women who miscarry without realizing they are pregnant.

I’ve had six and almost lost my girl at 3 mths but she hung in there…miscarriages are devastating, i’m lucky I ended up carrying two babies full term <3

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I had 2 healthy pregnancies then lost one then had my rainbow baby and the lost another after that dr never said why it was happening

Only about 5% but your health may alter that number. If you have PCOS you have a higher chance due to hormone imbalance.

I have heArd very common. Half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.

When I had mine 30+ years ago my doctor said 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriages.

Very actually. I am the only one of my sisters who hasn’t had one.

My daughter has had 3. She just gave birth to her 2nd little blessing

Depends on many factors!!

I would have had 13 I have one girl living and. Still born I have a 2 sets of twins I lost and the rest were single births I think
Stress and age can cause a lot of them

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