How did a membrane sweep go for you?

I can’t find much information online, and I will ask my OB at my next appointment. But wanted to know what other mothers went through. I know what a membrane sweep is, how it’s done, and what it does. But just curious if you had one, how many weeks where you? Did it help induce labor? How soon after did you go into labor? Would you do it again? If it didn’t induce labor, did you have one again? I was trying for a VBAC and was told I had to have a scheduled section at 41 weeks if I hadn’t gone into labor. So I was just curious. My first was 40 weeks, and a day, I was not in labor, nor dilated, and only 20% effaced. I had an emergency C-section due to HELPP syndrome. I am worried I won’t go into labor. I just wanted to hear other mothers’ experiences.

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I was given a stretch & sweep with my second. Did absolutely nothing :see_no_evil: didn’t hurt or anything but definitely didn’t work! I was then induced via the cannula drugs? good luck x

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I had one the day before my due date. Had it done that morning 12 hours later was in labor and had my baby 10 hours later.

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I had two membrane sweeps (39 weeks and 40 weeks) and they did absolutely nothing for me. I still had to be induced but I’ve heard there are some it has worked for!

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I gave birth at exactly 41 weeks being induced with my daughter. Had a sweep done twice and my cervix never did anything, thus the induction.
Now I’m 38 weeks with #2 and Dr said my cervix is too high to sweep but I’m 1cm. Any day and I have my induction scheduled for 2 days before my due date!

I had a membrane sweep with my last son because I was stuck at 3 cm. It did nothing for me… I was induced naturally 2 weeks later.

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I had a sweep with my third climbed the stairs and walked some had her 12 hours later

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38 weeks with my oldest daughter had it done couple hours later I had contractions had her two days later

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38 week sweep and went into labor 12 hours later and had my son 8 hours later.

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I had a membrane sweep at 38 weeks about 4 days before a scheduled c section and my water broke almost exactly 12 hours later :raised_hands:t2: definitely saved me :joy:

hopefully this will help

I had a membrane sweep on a Wednesday afternoon. I was having regular contractions less than 24 hours later and gave birth early Friday morning.

I had one done and a few hours later I finally went into active labor

Had a membrane sweep and have my daughter the next day.

I had it done with my now three year old it worked for me I believe I had her two days early I had a sharp pain in my stomach then my water was breaking while I was at work, I had one with my now two year old it worked for me as well I had her three days early I ate hot banana peppers and did the natural thing sex went into labor at 3 am that night that I had it done didn’t know I was in active labor till I tried to go to work at 9 am, I had it done with my now 3 month old that time it didn’t so nth for me had to get induced I was two days over. My first two I didnt have it done, my twins I had to have a c-section so with my last three I had a vbac.

It worked with my daughter, but it took 2 with my son and still had to be induced. It’s very painful.

I had a membrane sweep at 3:30pm Wednesday afternoon at 38 weeks and I had my daughter 6:59am Friday morning. I will say though my body was naturally progressing, at my appointment I was about 3.5cm and fully effaced. I think I was in early stages of labor anyway because I was having contractions on and off that day, so if he did it not my baby was coming

I had one with my first and second kid and started contracting right after and had both the next day. With my third my doctor wouldn’t do a membrane sweep and just induced. It hurt to me but most comments say it doesn’t so idk what was different for me. I would do it again though but I’m done having kids. Lol

Just had a VBAC in December. Due the 10th. Had my sweep the morning of the 9th. Pieces of the plug started coming out a few hours after. Contractions started 7pm on the 10th. Baby fell out (literally) just seconds after midnight. Barely missed his due date! Lol

I had my membranes sweeped and they ended up inducing me right after doing it though bc of high bp. :unamused: sorry im no help but nice reading others stories since im on #3