How did being a surrogate affect your other children?

I am considering to be a gestational surrogate in California. I was wondering if any other mamas have been a surrogate? How it affected your other children? Do you have to do IVF shots? And advice or things to consider? Thank you!!


So I am not able to be a surrogate because of my mixed race but yes surrogates take hormonal shots to help insure that you’re ready and less likely to miscarry the embryo or embryos planted anywhere from 1-3 will be planted via IVF then you’ll have a check up in 3 weeks or so to check for implantation and HCG levels. As for the psychological impact to children i couldnt tell you.

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Megan Davison - you might be able to help this woman!

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You can private message me all your questions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am a surrogate to 2 year old twins.

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I’m currently a surrogate. It hasn’t affected my children at all. Yes, there are medications. Some are oral tablets, some are vaginal suppositories, some are patches, and many are daily injections for the first trimester. But all med protocols differ and are decided upon by the reproductive endocrinologist.

I strongly, strongly suggest you join some surrogacy groups and read as much information as you can prior to reaching out to an agency. There is no benefit in going independent unless you are carrying for a family member or close friend… and even then there are many hoops to go through and laws to follow. When you are ready to take a step toward being a surrogate, join the agency review group and research more before signing any contract.

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Let you know I did look into it and you’ll have to be at certain age. Not using drugs ( ofc). Then you’ll have to find an insurance and an agency/agent. Lawyers too I think. Those long complicated progress kinda set me back. Plus being approved is really hard and expensive from other people’s experiences. There’s fb group that you can join to learn more. I hope it works out for you because I love the thought of helping a family to expand or have children. Also my sister in law’s sister has done this 5 times had had twins twice!

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My son was born via surrogate. I want to thank you for considering this option, it’s such a miracle!!


I sashed someone please be surgeon for me and my husband we really want children badly