How did getting your membranes swept go for you?

I am 40 weeks pregnant today. At my appointment yesterday, they said I’m 3cm dilated and 60% effaced. They did a membrane sweep, and I have since been cramping and have been losing mucus with some brown blood. I realize this is normal. Just curious to hear of any moms who went through this and how soon labor started? I’m scheduled to be induced on the 3rd of February. But I would love to be able to go into labor on my own. Thank you!


I had my swept and came home and cleaned and cleaned, went into labour that night lol

I had that done at my appointment in the afternoon and I went into labor after midnight

You are already in labor, early labor. You should expect to deliver in the next 48 hours.


I lost my mucus plus at 38w 3days and went into active labor the next morning

You will not make it until the 3rd!! You’ll go before the induction date!


Go have sex!! Get yours! It can jumpstart contractions and his semen soften the cervix.


Baby gets pushed at 10. You’re a 3rd of the way there!

Start timing yourself!

Your baby will come when its good and ready


Have sex, lots of nipple stimulation. :blush:

I had that done and by the next day my water broke! Shouldnt be much longer… i took a few walks around our block and thats when my water broke!

Gave birth fifteen hours later

Go and have a nice warm bath

That will help bring it on

I don’t know what do!

The baby is coming. I say you’ll be pushing it out in 24 hours.


No I didn’t have a membrane sweep but I did have my waters broken by midwife all 3 (natural) births, baby wasn’t coming until they did lol they used a tool very similar to a crochet hook n told me I had a strong sack that wouldn’t break on its own lol

A what? Never heard of it. But blood in my opinion this late in pregnancy is usually a sign of on coming labor

Your in labour already. Eat pineapple to soften your cervix if it feels like its dragging out for you. It does the same as sex does but with less effort so you still have stamina when it comes to it lol xx