How did it feel when you first started breastfeeding?

So I’m pregnant with my second baby due this fall, with my first daughter I didn’t breastfeed due to personal preference, but I think maybe I should try with my next I mean if I’m a milk goddess who is able to produce milk for my baby why not? But my question is, does it really hurt your first-month breastfeeding? Like how was your first feed? How long did it take you to adjust? I’m scared what if it hurts. I’ve only heard from others that it is excruciating & your nips bleed & get dry/crack like I’m freaking out just thinking about it, please help …


Yeah it hurts when the baby has an incorrect latch. Done properly its a relief to take the pressure out!


The first month or so can be rough, but it passes.

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After you first have the baby you will have the contractions when you breast feed and not going to lie it’s very painful.

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I didn’t hurt.

My baby had a great latch from the first skin to skin.

We’ve had little issues with supply, and lots of cluster feeding.
I got sore a couple times, and I felt mentally drained a lot.
But we’re now a year into and it’s the best bond I could ever imagine.

The first few days are very painful especially because it causes your uterus to contract more. Ugh

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If it hurts the baby might have tongue tie. The first week of breast feeding it was so painful and I wanted to give up. When we went to the 48 hour checkup for the baby the doctor said she was tongue tie. Once it was clipped it felt so much better and it never hurt again.

You don’t produce a lot of Milk at first you can try nursing if it doesn’t work you can try pumping! I didn’t nurse at all and went straight to pumping and I just kept pumping every few hours and build a nice stash and it went well, but it is time consuming and took a lot of energy out of me. If all doesn’t work, you can totally do formula again! There’s no harm in trying and it’s what works best for you two !

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I’m so glad I chose not to do this with mine.

1 Like was my bible. Know we are women and our bodies are made to do this but its learned by you and getting to know baby. First couple months are difficult until milk is more regulated but so so worth it

My first was easy peasy!! My second i had excruciating pain for a week while breastfeeding and then one day it just stopped my doctor didnt know why. But if u can nurse its easier than getting up and making a bottle especially in the middle of the night and saves u lots of money on formula. And u give baby a good immune system with breastmilk they say ! But give it a try!

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it’ve been hard the first 5days for me, she had hard time to latch, we were both learning how to breastfeed, it was hard but we’ve got through! I’ve been breastfeeding for one year now :slightly_smiling_face:

It hurts and it takes at least a month to get used too. It does get easier. Not everyone gets cracked or bleeding nipples.

I’m sorry you’re scared. It’s a big responsibility, knowing your baby’s sustenance is coming directly from you. It’s also beautiful, exhausting and exhilarating! You can do it! The most important thing is the latch. If your baby is on the breast, it shouldn’t hurt. You may get sore for a little while but that’s normal. It takes lots of practice and patience- you’ll have time for both. Be good to yourself and believe you can do it. Everything else will fall into place. Best of luck!


It hurts especially when they don’t latch properly. It’s not easy at first for some. You could always pump. My kids had a hard time latching and I had a hard time but I pumped. There’s soo many good benefits from brest milk.

The first month or so it does hurt because the baby is learning and your uterus is shrieking back down to size at every feeding

If its latched incorrectly yesss it will hurt like a B!.. Theres creams you can get that will help with the cracking… Keep em clean and change your breast pads regularly that will help… Also theres these like silicone guards you can get they will really help when the baby starts teething… Dont let yourself get engorged … And use the warm compresses…

The first month was rough and its definitely exhausting and more time consuming but I’ve been ebf for 6months now and its easy now and I haven’t had cracked or even sore nipples since he was like 3 weeks old. I wanted to give up plenty of times the first month maybe a little longer cuz I was so tired at the time but im so happy I didn’t stop. I love it.

it can be painful good benefits you can feel uterous contracting you heal faster I recommend it highly no getting up making bottles

It only hurts the first week or so b/c it contracts the uterous but this is good it helps you get back to prebaby weight faster. My nipples almost never get damaged that would mean that the baby is not laching properly and should talk to consultant