How did you cope at your 12 week ultrasound?

I am 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby, it was not planned though my partner and I had been talking about kids for ages. So we are calling it a happy accident I should also mention I suffer with severe Anxiety, depression. Bit of a back story. I had some complications at my first appointment, and when We went for my date scan my dr “who tbh we found wasn’t very pleasant and very blunt when I was asking questions and I just didn’t click with at all” said I was going to be 6 weeks so I would see a little jelly bean. In the back of my head, I had a feeling I was only around 3 weeks as my partner and I were always extra safe until we conceived… but I’m not one to argue with a dr- so I went to the scan, and low and behold I’m 3weeks and couldn’t see a thing except for the sack. The ultrasound people said they would send my results back to the dr and the dr would contact me. Fast forward a long story, the dr never got back to me, I called up and they said I actually needed to come in with my results but because it was a medical center, they don’t have the same Drs daily, and was a lot of going back and forth. In the end, I ended up changing Drs to one that one of my best friends told me about who has been nothing but amazing, and kind and answers every question i have had and has made this experience so much easier for me mentally so far.


12 week scan is done, they measure baby, check all is growing well. Check heart, lungs, brain growth all completely normal stuff. You should always go with a doctor you trust and like, dont go back to old one.
Someone who puts you at ease is worth they’re weight in gold.

Congratulations and good luck sleep while you can lol x

Went in did it and walked out lol. Not much too cope with if the babies fine??


Glad you found a better doctor. Especially when it’s for a pregnancy, you really need a doctor you can trust because you have to be able to be very open with them to make sure they know anything they may need to. As for the ultrasound, they really aren’t a big deal as long as they baby is healthy. My first the baby wasn’t baby-shaped yet, so it was cool but still didn’t seem real to me. When we went for the anatomy scan at 18 weeks was when it really hit home for me because she looked like a baby.

Your gonna be nervous being it’s your first baby. Ask questions if that will help you. But try to enjoy the visit.
I hope everything works out good for you and congratulations

I’m not sure what the question is but I have complications with my first and last very early and I was nervous at every appointment with my first. I wasn’t nervous at all with my last(#4) even with his complications but with him I was very anxious about everything else in life.

Praying for you and your pregnancy :gift_heart:

What are you asking?

Trust your gut. If you don’t feel happy with the doctor, find someone you are happy with. Contact your insurance company and get referrals. Most of the time you will know the doctor is good if you are treated with respect, listens to your concerns, and has the staff that will help you. If a doctor just gives you blanket answers move on.

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You need to go with your gut, find the right doctor and a few trusted friends to help you. Pregnancy and being a mom are great but raise the questions and anxiety. As a grandma I want to give you a few peices of advice. First of all don’t listen to everybody’s ‘horror’ stories of pregnancy, labor and delivery! Plan to have a great experience. Secondly, write things down. Your thoughts, questions and things you want to remember. Thirdly, enjoy every minute being a mom is great.

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I would call this one a happy surprise not a happy accident. Babies are not accidents.

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I don’t allow early ultrasounds. By waiting it relieves a lot of anxiety, because as the gestation progresses they can see more. So I avoid the added stress that can come from misreading things with the earlier ultrasounds. Obviously if you’re high risk that wouldn’t be an option, but if you’re low risk you don’t have to consent if you don’t want it.


Just breathe. Finding a doctor you are happy with is very important. Once you are comfortable you will be able to relax more. In the mean time did not be hard on yourself mentally or emotionally. And good job on trusting your instincts. We know our bodies. You’ve got this mom. You’ll be fine. Breathe


Some OB/GYN should not be in the profession and some are fantastic just like in all professions. Good for you that you found one you click with! I suggest you do some of the research yourself and that should ease some of your concerns but I also recommend you keep asking the questions. Go to the library/bookstore for some books on pregnancy. As you progress you & your partner should sign up for a class and lots of times you can also sign up for a tour of the labor/delivery area of the hospital. Most people are very nice so don’t let the stinkers get to you. Every woman is different and so is every pregnancy. God bless you and your baby!

First never be afraid to say “This doctor doesn’t work for me” I had to do that delivering my first bc out of four doctors in office (3 of which I adore) I happened to get the one I didn’t mesh with. We asked the L&D nurses to slow things down to wait for another doc and they did and it worked. Was never really more excited for the 12 wk scans with my two oldest as I was all around excited. The one I’m currently pregnant with (11wks) will be different as after two live pregnancies I had two back to back ectopic so even though I’ve been told this one is for sure viable weeks ago each scan will be a relief

Back in my day you only got an ultrasound of you were having problems so my first none and ended up having a emergency c-section second baby I got three just to make sure of the due date

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If you’ve been planning for ages… and it’s been a conversation… I think that’s as planned as it gets… Lol

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Go with your feelings. This should be an exciting time for you and your partner. If you dont find one, keep trying.

Breathe I know it is your first. You did the right thing by finding another doctor.

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Divine providence. Every baby is a God sent gift. There are no accidents. Wish you an easy pregnancy an birth and a healthy baby.