How did you decide you wanted more than 2 kids?

Moms that want more than two kids. How did you decide? I want 4. I know I will have a third for sure! But I don’t know if I’d be able to handle four, but at the same time, I feel like It would break my heart if I got my tubes tied.

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I have 2 kids now & I couldn’t get my tubes tied bc I can’t say for sure that I’m done. I know that I wanna wait a few years to see, but I haven’t completely said IM DONE. when you know , you’ll know. Don’t do something you aren’t happy with.

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I got mine tied after 4…4 is a hard number…3 works

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I’m pregnant with #3 now and I am on the fence about tying my tubes.

I just had baby #3 shes almost 3mo old. She has a 1yr.old and 8yr old brothers. Its rough!!!

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Forget tying, get them removed

Always think about what you can handle and what you can afford…
Not just today but down the road…can I afford those sports or interest they might have…how about college??
Any medical issues that might arise…lots to think about…


I’m on baby #5. I wanted to be done at 3 but #3 and #4 are 10 1/2 months apart so mistakes happened​:rofl::joy: i was gonna get my tubes tied after #4 but couldn’t bring myself to do it so I got the IUD instead. 3 years later I finally got the nerve to get my tubes tied. Had my IUD removed set up and appt 8 weeks later to get it done. Doctor said most women don’t get pregnant for at least a year after having IUD removed. 6 weeks later im pregnant :tipping_hand_woman: i have 4 girls and the 5th is a girl too​:woman_facepalming: lol :rofl:

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I always wanted 4 but just have 2. I spent a while longing for more but I’m so glad I didn’t have anymore after 2 now.

I’m pregnant with #3 right now and we are pretty sure we r done but I’m not tying my tubes…I’ve heard far to many people say their periods are horrendous and very heavy afterwards. I’m making my husband get a vasectomy.

I have 7 and still couldn’t get my tubes tied after my last one. No, I definitely did not want or ever think I’d have this many, but when you have them, you wouldn’t trade them for the world. Some days idk what I’ve gotten myself into, and other days are a breeze… I guess you’ll know when you know. Lol (fyi I am married and they’re all by the same man)


I wanted to have 3 but gave up after I had my son. Then 10 years later I have a daughter (she was quite the surprise!) And I still haven’t tried my tubes because I don’t know if I want to have another

I have 4 right now. Wasn’t planned. I still plan on having 1 or 2 more in the future.

We honestly only wanted 2. But we said we never wanted 3 so there wasn’t a middle child…well we ended up with 3. And I got my tubes tied…4 comes with a lot more changes even. 3 carseats and fit across most vehicles…4 can’t. We only have a 3 br house. Didn’t want to try and fit 3 kids in a room if we ended up with 3 of one gender etc. My middle js a terror so I hate having a middle child but still couldn’t imagine 4!

Mine are 13, 9, 7, and 1. The 4th changed things dramatically but my heart feels complete. I always wanted 4 too. Even thou its difficult, it is so worth all the love and laughter

I had 2, got with my partner and he had 2 of his own already too. We both said none of us wanted anymore and the 4 we have between us was enough. Then we fell pregnant with triplets! It’s very hard work. I’ve been sterilised and hes had the snip :joy: no more for us now as 7 between us is enough lol.


I thought I was done with 2, had a boy and a girl, then I had an unexpected pregnancy and we lost it. Thats when we both knew we weren’t done. I’d have 5 if we could financially afford them all :joy: partner is happy with 3 maybe 4…
Getting tubes tied/removed or a hysterectomy seems so final to me. I couldn’t go through with that if i had 1 ounce of doubt in me

Ok so we are a combined family…i had 4, he had 4 and we have 24/7 full custody of all of them…i was honestly done after we combined families as my youngest bio was 4mo …needless to say within a month #9 was on the way…sooo we have 9 kids :joy::joy: its a shit show some days but others it’s just fine. After 3 u dont really notice the extras except when it comes to laundry and cooking lol

I have 2 girls and we’re planning on trying for our third child in the near future. Mine are 6 years old and 19 months right now. I just know when I think about being done with my current two, I just feel sad and like it’s not supposed to be the end. Even if we have another girl–we love our girls! Just a gut feeling that we’re not done.

3 was alot sometimes but I would have had more if I was younger. I love mine so much I would do it all again.