How did you feel before you went into labor?

I’m 37 & 4 days pregnant. Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some craft items for my son’s play. After walking around for about 1hr and a half, I started to cramp and out of breath. That same day through the evening and night I was just cramping backache headaches. Felt like Sharp knife pain down there. The pain was bearable to a degree. I recently went to the ER and was sent home. Couple days later had my Dr Apt. Found out i was 70% to 3cm dilated… I want to say im having contractions but not im going to rip your head off pains so I’ve been keeping an eye out and how i feel. How did your mom’s feel when in labor (silly question) How did you truly know it was time? Or false? I don’t want to be that pregnant lady who keeps going to the hospital and giving false alarms.


Some women experience back pain / pressure rather than ** contractions ** as such .
Get to the hospital

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Good luck momma

I had no contractions just like a cutting pain down there

Throughout my entire pregnancy and even during the beginning stages of labor I walked and I’m convinced this led to me having a rather easier labor and delivery. You sound just like how my labor started.

I’ve been through it four times. It sounds like you could be in the early stages.


What? 4 days pregnant??? What?


In March I was 34 weeks and 6 days. Had my regular check up. After doing my vitals my blood pressure was high. The dr sent me labor and delivery to check . While I was there they stared asking me if I was having cramping or anything. I said no. The dr said your totally efface and 6 centimeters dilated. They had to do emergency c section. I had no pain until after the baby was delivered.

The contractions will be closer together and you won’t have much “rest time” in between them. I went to a birthing class where the nurse told us the “411 rule”
Contractions that come 4 minutes apart, last at least 1 min and has been consistent in that pattern for 1 hour. Some call it the 311 rule, (4/3 min apart, same thing lol)
First time mama here, I followed that rule and when I went to hospital I was 6cm and ready for epidural, I was blessed it went so smooth


If u r concerned go to the hospital. My dr told me tho when they r 5 minutes apart for more than an hour to go in

Go to the hospital. I prefer you to be safely checked out.

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She should know she’s had a child before


The last wk i was pregnant it felt like i had a basketball inbetween my legs, some back pain i had alot of Braxton hicks contractions. I never lost my mucus plug, i was trying to have a “netflix and chill” kinda morning and i went to roll over to make my move and i felt wet but didnt hear a pop went to pee still leaking. Went to the hospital to get check they did the swab to see if i was leaking and the nurse just walked out and heard the “pop” and water gushing all over my bed lol

Pelvic pressure and what feels like “I have to poop” pressure typically precedes a baby! But trust your gut and be safe.


I get up, go to the bathroom go back to sleep. Woke up a few hours later to dribble, “I just went!” was my first thought, get up, more dribble. I made it to the toilet when my water broke. :sweat_smile:

You have a son so you been through labor before. Dont you remember what it was like?

When the pain is too unbearable to talk and walk your well on your way!

With my 4th and last, I just felt off. No major pains or contractions. Went to the hospital and was already 80% and 6cm dilated. Didnt feel contractions until they had to break my water. Each of my 4 had completely different labors. It is better to be safe then not.

Mine felt as you described, contractions never got closer (12m apart for 8hrs) & once I went in it was an emergency c section, I was 6cm dilated and baby was breach. If I would have waited till it was “to unbearable to walk” baby wouldn’t have made it. Better safe than sorry and get checked out!

Don’t be afraid to go . I wade having back pain you could time. My doc sent me home from his office saying it could be two more weeks. Later in the evening I went to hospital with pains. Worsening and two minutes apart and consistent . Thru tried to send me home and my mother objected to that so they kept me, saying just a while longer for observation. The baby was born about an hour and a half after that. It was my first baby. Those Drs don’t always know. My pain was in my back and pelvic area.