How did you feel when you knew you were having your last child?

So My fiance and I are currently expecting our 3rd child. Our firstborn, our daughter, will be 2 in December. Our 2nd baby didn’t make it. So this is our 3rd, We are hoping for a boy this time around, but as long as the baby is healthy, that’s all that matters. We find out on Wednesday, the sex of the baby. Whooh! So Excited! And if it is a boy, this will be our last baby. I don’t know if we will try again for another one of it, not a boy. I do want a boy, but I don’t know if I want more than two children, but then again, I don’t know if I want this one to be my last. I am 15 years younger than he is, he’s almost 40. He wants to be childfree out of the house before he’s 65, haha. We have a great relationship. He told me he would get himself fixed, so I don’t have to go through that along with birth also because of our age difference he thinks I’m too young to get my tubes tied just in case something happens to him along our journey Or if we do decide to have another child, his is more easily reversible. So I understand all where he is coming from.


Sad. But my baby is almost 2 and I’m slwoly getting better at being happy we are done lol. My husband also got fixed.

Make sure that is what you want to do. My husband had a vasectomy and we decided we wanted more kids and he has tried to reverse it twice…both times failed. So really make sure you are done because reversals aren’t easy.


Your to young. When u don’t question yourself is when you know


It’s not that easy to reverse vasectomy…


Full. I have two kids and we knew our second was it. I got my tubes tied during my c section. My heart is full and complete with both my kids and my hubby. We would always welcome a miracle baby if I’m that small percentage of women who can still get pregnant after tieing their tubes, but I am so complete.
We have our moments of "wow no more babies " but all our friends are just getting married and staring to have kids that if I wanna hold a baby baby again, I can. Otherwise, I’m completely complete <3


A little sad, but delivery is really hard for me. We decided that 2 csections were all I was going to do. There isn’t anything wrong with being sad. Its the end of a period in your life, but there will be other things to look forward to after. I do agree that I wouldn’t do a vasectomy assuming that you will be able to reverse. You could always use birth control for a year or two to make sure. We waited a 3 years after our last before my husband got snipped.

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If you want 2 children then let him get a vasectomy He doesn’t seem to care as long as the child is healthy and doesn’t want to have kids later in life. Don’t count on have another child after reversal it can be done but its expensive not covered by insurance and doesnt always work. I never wrap my head around “trying for a specific gender” but thats just me All I wanted was a healthy baby.


You take what God gives you

My husband doesn’t want any more :frowning: I’d like to have 1 more but he’s out

You can always get an IUD until you’re sure you’re done. You want to be 100% sure as reversals are not 100%.

I had my tubes removed when our youngest was 7.

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I had my only child the day before my 30th birthday. His father turned 41 that year. I literally have 0 desire for another child. We are 1 and done. He mentions another from time to time and I just laugh and ask who his new baby momma is. I just knew, 1 and done for me

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You have to make sure it’s what you want if you’re questioning it talk to your husband about how u really feel. Me and my SO are scheduled to have a c section tomorrow morning, this is #3 a little girl… we also have 1 boy 1 girl already and have decided we do not want anymore after this and let me tell u I couldn’t be more relieved about the decision, this pregnancy was very rough for me, i don’t want to put myself through it again

For me and my husband we had two boys and a little girl I decided I didn’t want anymore children I knew if I didn’t tie my tubes I would have 10 babies by the time I was 40 lmao I loved being pregnant me and my hubby always wanted 3 kids two boys and a girl that’s what we got so I had to think long in hard will I want children again if me and my husband don’t work out I decided I didn’t want anymore children I decided this is what I wanted and I got exactly what I wanted so no need to have more If I did have another boy instead of my daughter we would have tried one more time but 4 was our cutoff luckily I got a daughter and I went with it and I’m happy I did my kids are almost all going to school I can focus on myself and working and starting a new chapter in my life no more babies until I have grandchildren and I’m ok with that :slight_smile:

I’m 58. I wish I had a “late in life child” kids keep you young!


First of all, neither you or your husband should have any kind of permanent procedure done until you are certain you want no more children regardless of the sex of this baby. I always wanted 4 kids, but hubby did not so I was very happy with 3.

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I am pregnant with our last child and I’m happy but sad at the same time. My husband offered to get fixed as well but I said no, I will just get back on birth control and he said okay. We both agree she’s our last child but I don’t see the point in any unnecessary surgeries when birth control has worked and I didn’t have periods.

I always wanted 3. I have 2 living, and 2 in heaven. With my last they had to do surgery that made me not be able to have anymore. It breaks my heart still, but I’m happy with my 2 living and 2 angels. Even before we found out I couldn’t have any more, my husband and I decided to not even try for another. We had a miscarriage, and 361 days later an ectopic pregnancy that had to be removed. We couldn’t handle the heartbreak again, so decided that was it. It was a very hard decision, but given the fact that I can’t have any more, it was the right decision for us.

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I went through my second pregnancy knowing unless the unthinkable happened, it would be my last. That meant I spent most of the time extra-enjoying the good things and telling myself I’d never have to go through the bad things again :joy: mostly, knowing it was my last pregnancy made me feel appreciative of what I was going through.

Treat a vasectomy as permanent because it’s not always able to be reversed. If you are concerned about changing your mind later, perhaps consider getting some sperm frozen or talking about what other route you might pursue (like sperm bank) in the case where you did decide you wanted more but the vasectomy can’t be reversed.

I am in a similar situation to you, my husband is 13 years older and almost 40, wants to have some child-free time when he’s older. We knew we were just going to have two and now that our 2nd girl is 3 months old, he’s getting a vasectomy.

Do what you think is right/what you and your partner want when it comes to trying for a boy (if this one is a girl), but personally if you think you’re okay with just two, I wouldn’t try again in the hopes of getting a boy. Most men have stronger girl or boy swimmers. I can’t remember where I read it but there was a study that showed if a man and a women have 2 kids of the same gender in a row, there’s like a 75% chance the next will be that gender too.

Good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We knew our last was our last. I always lost one before I birthed one so I just didn’t want to chance another loss&&&&& 4 from my body & 2 of my heart is plenty lol
This decision you can wait to make until you see how you fair with two. Sorry for your loss mana.