How did you get your toddlers to let you brush their teeth?

My almost two-year-old let me brush her teeth at least once a day until about two months ago. She will sometimes just chew on a toothbrush at this point. She doesn’t get anything but water at bedtime and alternating milk and water during the day. How did you get your headstrong toddlers to let you brush their teeth? My stepson (6) wasn’t forced to brush his, and we are in the process of trying to get his 12 cavities filled. Don’t want to go through this again.


I asked to tickle their teeth.

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I would count while we brushed.her teeth once we reached.her last tooth wed clap and say.yah!! A job well done!! Encourage them that.brushing.our teeth can be fun good luck

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My 2 used to hate theirs brushed… but it’s one of them you have to be cruel to be kind😕
Mine are now 3&4 (nearly 4&5) and we use the toothbrush app and they love it, they get to brush first then I check and just give another once over.
Maybe try the app now take your toddler to chose their own brush and toothpaste. Maybe get a sticker chart and stickers and everytime they allow you to brush they get a sticker… if they get a full weeks worth of stickers they get a little reward. Make a game of it or let them brush your teeth first and then you do theirs.
Good luck and don’t give up. Xxx

Always brush yours in front of her and make it look fun?

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I didnt give a choice. Many times mouthed were pried open and I did it myself. You are the parent. Be consistent dont give in


Get a timer tooth brush where it blinks or sings a song while she brushes


Try to brush your teeth with them. Or let them brush yours to see it doesn’t hurt. If not then just give them a tooth brush with some baby toothpaste on it and let them do it themselves. We had to sit my cousins on the counter and say ahhh and eeee when brushing to make it fun.

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Brush your teeth with her. Let her try and tell her you need to help just a little bit

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Maybe you could make up a fun song about it and do it every morning/ evening as part of a routine,also could try some fun flavoured toothpaste

When my oldest was a toddler I’d go into the bathroom with her and let her stand on the toilet and used safe to swallow toothpaste and let her do it her self, chew on it, or let her play with it around her mouth then i would say let me see and i would get in there and do it quick.

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My son let’s me help him unless he is overtired. Then its a power struggle but mama always wins lol and I switched him to a children’s electric toothbrush and it made all the difference.

Take them to the dentist they teach the kiddos n it a nice experience my grandchildren 4and almost 2 when they see me brushing my teeth immediately want to brush thiers❤️

We let our stubborn 3 yo brush his own and then we follow up and rebrush

I’m guessing ur not consistent with brushing ur own teeth sorry but children see what ur doing n want to d the same but a fun tooth brush buy fun toothpaste brush together or for god sake go to the dentist

My daughter went thru a phase and I made her “cleanse her pallet” with water after she ate or drank anything… she was between 2 and 4 now she’s almost 9… no cavities… idk about good or bad genes but it worked for me until she understood the necessity of cleaning her teeth

Make it a game. I have 4 children, 17,17,12 and 7. I did the same with all of them. I brushed my teeth with them and we would see who could get their toothpaste on their toothbrush first then we would count. I would count while they brushed then they would count while I brushed (this helped with counting also). I also let them pick their own toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss picks and rinse.

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Weve tried sooo many things. I hand over my phone (he doesn’t get it otherwise) on a game of his choosing and he gets a prize after. Toothbrushing use ro be a complete nightmare

Colgate Magik! My kids love it!! It’s all gaming so they have so much fun and always ask to brush their teeth

Electric toothbrushes is what won it for me. Because they did the same thing.