How did you help your newborn with colic?

What did you all use for your newborns for colic? Did the doctor say nothing really works… any remedies that worked for you all?


Peppermint stick candy.

Doctors said my baby has colic too. :sob:

Gripe water helped for us, just be cautious using it the first few times, don’t pump the baby full of it or they’ll just spit it all up

Gripe water, laying on my chest in a warm bath (I always laid a warm towel over her as well) and her vibrating Minnie mouse seat!

Gripe water helps and holding them like a football. Head in hand and butt to your elbow on their tummy. Lightly bounce

My 5 year old girl had colic terribly, nothing really ever seemed to help her, medicine included, but holding her like this helped a lot! I would hold her like this and walk around the house and it always seemed to calm her some! I just had my boy in june and he is not bad for gas, but when he has been fussy this position has helped him as well!
Prayers for you and baby :blue_heart:


Years ago my daughter had colic, this old woman from Jaimaca made a tea using 1tsp of fennel seeds with half cup water had me give her 1oz of it, it worked for her releasing the built up gas

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I used Mylicon drops and Tylenol. Only way I could get him comfortable to sleep.

Probiotic drops and gripe water.

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I used everything! Nothing really worked. I just had to have patience and walked around holding him while he screamed for hours.


My daughter had hprrible colic would cry 5 hours at a time we switched from milk based formula to soy based when i couldnt breast feed…problem solved…hope this helps!

Burping, tummy time, and gripe water.

We used a probiotic in their bottles every day. 5 drops once a day. If you’re breastfeeding, you can give the baby the probiotic straight also. It helped so much with my son, so when my daughter was born and started having similar issues, we went ahead and put her on it too. We tried gripe water, and it helped a little with my son, but my daughter projectile vomited within 5 minutes of giving it to her.

My youngest was really bad. We tried every formula and then switched to Walmart’s brand for colic it helped BIG time!!!

Hang in there mama it will go away I promise! Don’t be afraid to just put your babes down and take a breather to just relax for a moment when it gets bad and if you have the option for help please 100% reach out and get a break when you can!!!

This seems like it’ll last forever but, I assure you, it will become easier!!!

If you are breastfeeding you could try an elimination diet to see if it’s something you are eating/in their milk.

Put a peppermint in warm water let it dissolve. It really helped. Gripe water is helpful too. Gas relief drops are good if you can feel a tense belly. Sometimes you need to lay them down and walk away for 5 minutes because the more upset you are the more upset the baby will be. Can try a vibrating toy too my daughter would not sleep without the vibration

I was breastfeeding then stopped and went to milk based formula seemed to make it worse. So now she’s on soy formula and I switched bottles and it seems to have done the trick. She’s on hour 2 of napping when 3 days ago afternoon naps weren’t a thing (she’s 6 weeks old).
Soy based formula and dr browns bottles (I was using tommee tippee)

Baby wearing Lying them on there tummy sleep upright in a baby swing both my girls had it
Its hard work get some help so you can have a wee break from holding them al day

Nothing really helped my oldest. Just got thru it.