How did you know when you were done having kids?

I want to know how other ppl knew they were done with kids… I know its a personal decision ultimately but what factors did u consider my hubby has one I have two one from him one from the previous relationship so three all together with his we only get everywhere weekend … we just had ours a few months ago and he just scheduled a vasectomy for October… before I was all for it but as soon as the date got set I just don’t know!! What if when our LO is out of the baby stage, and I’m no longer tired, I want another!


Mine was medical reasons, last pregnancy was a living nightmare that put my life at risk, so I stopped at three.

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We decided to only have 2 because we can only reasonably afford college funds for 2 kids. We could afford more on the day to day, but to to set up their futures the way we want to 2 is the max.

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When you know, you know, trust me. You just all of sudden feel like you don’t want to do it ever again


After three miscarriages, my only child coming 9weeks early and having a really rough start, and me having postpartum psychosis for a full two years after birth and nearly killing us both several times because of it. I decided to NEVER do that again, ever. Doc I saw about sterilization said I might change my mind and wouldn’t take my tubes out or do anything to sterilize me. I’m 10000% sure I never want to birth another child from this body and take the chance that I end up that kinda crazy ever again. I feel like I want another baby at times, just not from this body

Many kids can you financially and psychologically support?

Freeze his sperm and have him get a vasectomy! It’s a win/win!

My son turned 3 In July and realised he isnt a baby anymore :disappointed:. there has to be a cut off point though I suppose. ive had consistent trauma through my pregnancies and 5 miscarriages in a row after, I’m 30 this year and not getting any younger… I’ve also weighed this up but your maternal instincts kick in also xx

My husband and I wanted 4. After the birth of our second we have GLADLY decided hellll to the naaaahhhh.


Talk to your husband

Then you should sit down & have a serious chat with your husband because it’s BOTH your decision : not just your own or just his either.

I had two from previous marriage. Got remarried decided on a 3rd. He didn’t have any of his own. I had so many medical issues with her and she was 10lbs plus I didn’t want to be in my 50’s raising kids so we made the decision she would be the last. Age gap is 19, 16 and 10 now.

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I knew I was done when I got pregnant with my 4th (1 is an angel baby) my first doctors appointment with my last, I signed the paperwork to have my tubes tied. My 3 children are under 4 years apart. I always wanted 3. I knew I was done, because I had 3 c sections, and all 3 were terrifying for me. I had multiple complications. Thinking back now, there has been times I wish I didn’t have my tubes tied, but I am just so thankful for my babies I have, I can’t imagine dividing my time in 4th’s. It would be too much on my plate.

My second pregnancy was super rough on me. Constant migraines to the point of blacking out, over 12lbs of weight loss because I couldn’t eat, etc. I told my husband I was done, both of my pregnancies were high risk, I just couldn’t do another.

Currently pregnant and shortly after she is born I will turn 38. Age is part of why we won’t do another one. Finances are another, but honestly this pregnancy has been HARD in comparison to my first pregnancy and it seems to be taking a lot out of me. I’m 35 weeks and my body is just about done with a capital D. I’m not sure I could physically do this again before I turn 40, so we’ll be done after this baby total of 3 kids between the two of us (his daughter from a previous relationship who is grown, and our two.)

I was honestly done after having 1 miscarriage and 2 births…couldnt get my tubes tied due to my age so i had a 3rd child…drs said i still couldn’t have my tubes tied bcuz my now ex husband wouldnt agree to sign papers…ended up having a 4th child then got back with a previous bf and he had 4 kids…so we had 8 kids between us and got surprised when we found out #9 was on the way…this time i didnt take no for an answer and demanded my tubes be tied. 9 kids full time is way more than enough for me. We have full custody of all of them so they are always with us.


3rd and im DONE :white_check_mark: my pregnancies are hard HG, Preeclampsia.

We had two and knew it was enough. Just talk to your husband and make sure you are both on board. I got my tubes burnt. I am glad I did it.

I have 4 , the first 3 are each 2 years apart, 2 miscarriages and then my 4th live birth . All c sections and all very healthy. My oldest and youngest are 10 years apart and I had my youngest 1 month before turning 40. He is way more everything than my older3 kids combined…more energy, more mischief, more adventure, more giggles and when we got him home we knew our family was complete. We believe God have us him last so my older kids would help keep him safe, Lord knows it would be hard without them.

Honestly sit down and talk but if he’s decided he’s done having kids it’s his decision to get snipped just like it would be your decision to get your tubes tied. But have a serious discussion about it.