How did you know you were ready to have another child?

My husband and I have a 3-year-old son and are financially, physically, and emotionally stable. We have always talked about having two biological kids, but now I’m not so sure. Pregnancy was hard, and having a baby is super exhausting. Between the lack of sleep and breastfeeding, it’s a lot. Our son would be four by the time I gave birth if we got pregnant right now and I feel like that’s a big age gap. We plan on fostering to adopt in the future when our son is older because we want to foster older kids. But I still want to have a baby at the same time. Siblings are super cool and can have a lot of fun! Did anybody have a similar experience? What did you decide?


My girls are 2.5 years apart. Their like 2 peas in a pod !

It’s hard when they are young but when they are adults coming over for holidays - you will never regret them. You might regret not having more.

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It’s hard when they are young but when they are adults coming over for holidays - you will never regret them. You might regret not having more.

4 years is a big age gap???


My sons are 6 years apart and although its a huge gap seeing the two of them play and bond is literally the best thing ever! They are 8 and 2 and yes having a baby is exhausting but it will be so worth it when you see the 2 of them playing and loving on each other! Plus this world sucks and to have someone they can always depend on besides us is so Important! :heart:

Wait till child in school I have 6 basically a year after each other lol wait till school trust me xx

We have a 12 year gap between our eldest and the child im currently pregnant with hahaha 4 years is nothing. Have another :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


well I am a mum and a foster mum. The foster kids can come with alot of baggage and trauma and they are WAYYYY more exhausting for a much longer time than the bio kids. I also hated being pregnant. I will say how ever being a foster mum is very rewarding.

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My kids are 17 and 3! Both "unplanned " but wouldn’t change it for the world!!! They get along amazing!


My kids are 5 years apart, i was so worried they wouldnt get on but they are best friends obviously they fight like animals but its all part of the fun :laughing: I don’t think there’s ever a right time but do what makes you happy you only get one life

I have 5 ages
16 months
No regrets.

Mine are 12 & 2 lol. Do it now :slightly_smiling_face: so they have someone to play with :heart: mine are still super close but it’s not the same. And I wish I didn’t wait so long

My two kids are 3yrs apart. They do just fine. Love each other like crazy and still fight lol
5yr old and a 2yr old. Almost 4yrs apart bcuz my eldest will be 6in a few days.:sweat_smile:

My son is 4 almost 5 and I just gave birth to my daughter in November. He adores her. We had been trying for two years. It’s a lot to do over the newborn stage but worth it. I will do it again! I also have a 10 year old step son.

I have 5
And I’m due July

All of mine are five years apart, 12, 7, and 2. My oldest was born at 29 weeks and spent eight weeks in the NICU. I swore I would never have another and take the chance. My middle child was a surprise and my pregnancy and birth was perfect! I like the age gap because by 4-5 years old they are a bit more independent, potty trained, etc. I say do it when you’re ready. You don’t want to live with regret of not having another, just my opinion! :heart:

I’d rather do two terror toddlers/kids before jumping into troubled teens :flushed:

It’s wonderful to know you’re wanting to foster older kids. :heartbeat:

kids are hard work in the best of homes but to add a broken heart & hormones into it too… you’re looking at a lot more tired nights than you would with two kids 4 years apart.

I have not hit the teenage years yet and my kids emotions are already all over the place… pre teen mum here send help :joy:

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Mine are 10, 9, and 1. The oldest and the youngest our my biological, middle and youngest are his biological. I want to try again soon so the baby has someone to grow with. Kids are great, but hell yea they’re exhausting. Sometimes I’m like… maybe we shouldn’t haha

The way I look at it is - it won’t be easier as you age so have the babies sooner rather then later. Mine are 5 and 3 and I’m due March and if it had been up to me I’d have tried for our third when our second wasn’t even 1.5. I also don’t think you’d regret moving forward and having baby #2 but you may regret not.