How did you planned c-section go?

Planned C-Section mamas, how did you find it? What was your experience like? I may have to make the choice of having a planned c-section, and this is my first baby. I’m terrified and just looking for advice/support and stories (good mainly but bad to) of what happened so I can feel as prepared as possible. Thank you


My daughter ended up with her first baby after 31 hours of labor having a C section. She is beyond thrilled to have the next one scheduled section. She did great .

Mine was good. Just have to take it easy for like 2 weeks to let it heal. But make sure u ask for the waist band. And dont be afraid to ask for help.

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I had a planned c-section for my third, and I rather give birth natural in my opinion. Everyone is different but I had such bad pains the second night it was almost like contractions but 10 times worst, then I had air trapped in my diaphragm which was also painful. The c-block gave me such bad back spasms to the point I couldn’t breath.

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They are so much better than emergent ones. My 1st was an emergency and it was a horrible mess. My 2nd was planned and went very smoothly and my epidural worked this time so I was able to be awake for this one :heart:

The planned was definitely easier then the emergency. You know when you are having the baby and what to expect. My emergency c-section I went through 18 hours of labor then the surgery and the recovery was rough.

I had 1 nd had another today it goes pretty smooth the healing process is a bit rough but ask for a binder nd don’t rush yourself

I would say walk as much as you can because my daughter was in the nicu for two nights and they didn’t have me walk so once I started walking it was painful to stand up straight

Iv had 3 c-sections and they’ve all went pretty good it’s mostly that first time you get out of bed at the hospital after the section that hurts the most but after a couple of days you’ll start feeling better I was doing whatever I’m able to do after I got out of the hospital and felt very comfortable doing it.

To each their own, but I could never understand volunteering for a C section :woman_shrugging:


Have had four c sections the last I had was 1st of April was all over within 40 minutes from start to close up was up walking that night had c section at 9 in the morning the only advice I’d offer is to make sure your anesthesiologist gives you enough anesthetic to last the operation I had feeling come back during my 3rd c section due to them wanting to take a cyst from my ovaries after baby was out :slight_smile:

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I had to have an emergency C-section with my son which was my first baby because I was pushing for almost an hour and he wasn’t moving so they tried to vacuum to help move him and that didn’t work so I had to have an emergency C-section and it was horrible I felt them cutting me open so they had to put me to sleep and I missed the birth of my son and couldn’t hold into the next morning at 5:00 a.m. but my other C-section which was my second was my daughter and it was so much better than my first they talked me through it and I was just so much easier

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I had planned as my bab was double breach with his hands on his ear elbows stick out Haha also had cord around neck I found my c section easier to heal from than my normal birth I had 88 stitches I asked them to count them for me while high on gas and air Haha only thing I would advise is just keep ontop of pain meds I also found with me being a bigger girl I used and old pair of leggings and put them over the wound where bandage thing was it felt like extra padding feel free to give me and inbox if wanted good luck xx

My first was emergency csection and it was an awful experience and I don’t really remember much from it other than being chaotic. However my PLANNED csection was a completely different experience. No rushing, just a smooth process.

My first ended up as an emergency c, the second was a scheduled c. Definitely loved the scheduled one. Showed up to the hospital and a few hours later was getting stitched up while my hubby was cuddling up the new one. The spinal blocker was easier on me than the epidural. Enjoy it and relax. You know exactly what’s going to happen :slightly_smiling_face:

My 1st born was not an emergency c-section but she wouldn’t come down thatswhy I had it. I never needed the pain meds they gave me.
My 2nd was a scheduled c-section. I was up and walking the same day and again I didn’t need the pain meds.

My first was an induction turned c-section, the second and third were both elective sections. Great experience, went home a day early with both electives. I also had a great doc with the second and third. That makes a HUGE difference

I had c section with my little boy 7 years ago and no issues what so ever you just need to be careful when it comes to healing don’t push yourself and take the full 6 weeks rest to proper heal. Xxx

I was pushed into it by my Dr. Because I was having twins. They were too early because of it. Terrible breastfeeding problems. The lactation consultant asked me if they were premature based on their inability to nurse. Technically they weren’t (2 weeks early) but they really could have used the time to mature.

Best decision I ever made! No labor, no contractions, no wondering when it’s going to happen, just check in and have a baby! Best tips I can give are move as much as you can as soon as you can, like as soon as you aren’t numb be up and moving. Unless you are asleep get up and walk every 30 minutes. The faster you get back to moving around and being on your feet the faster you will heal. You’ll notice much more pain once you’ve been just laying around or sitting around.