How did your fourth birth go?

Just curious for fourth birth stories, and how long after losing your show you went into labor? My last labor was 2h start to finish but didn’t begin until 22h after my waters broke, so I’m wondering if that’s why it was so quick or if this labor is likely to be a little more paced? I’m worried about not making it to the hospital in time.


Well I only have 3 kids but my last one went okay. I went in at 8pm got hooked up at 10pm nothing really happened into i got my epidural then I got to sleep for a bit then he was ready to come ten mins of pushing. 10:10am the next morning my son was born.

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With my 4th, I was walking around 2 cm dialated for about two weeks. My water broke around midnight on my due date. There were no contractions to follow. I waited until 10 the next morning to go into the hospital. Still no contractions, and then at noon, all the contractions came at once and had him at 2 pm. It was my quickest labor.

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I’ve only had 3.
But first was 5hr.

Second was 2hrs, she was literally born 10 min after arriving to hospital. Zero assistance, min or no pushing. My husband jokes, she came out like a slip n slide bc my water broke when she was born.

My third, after multiple induce dates that I cancelled bc i didnt want it, I went thru with it at doctors urging bc of fear of not making it. Her active labor was for 40 min.

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I have 3 kids, my last one was the only normal pregnancy I’ve had and was able to carry to full term and everything. I delivered my 3rd baby in under an hour. That’s not counting the time it took to check me in and get me in the delivery room; the nurse did not even have time to administer pain meds :weary:. However, I was having contractions that entire day and the day before. I just recommend that you track your contractions and head to the hospital if they are close to 5 minutes apart, because once they are 5 minutes apart then that means you are very very close. The doctor that delivered my son told us that if we had been just a few minutes more late my husband would’ve had to deliver our son on the side of the road :grimacing:. I didn’t track my contractions till they were a little less than 8 minutes apart but because I didn’t think I was in labor. I was already dilated to a 7 when I arrived at the hospital. So make sure keep time between your contractions!

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With my 4th my water broke at home at 1 am, contractions started within minutes and he was born at 2 am, barely made it to the hospital.

My water broke at 530 that morning. We got to the hospital and they started pitocin at 8. By 1 my blood pressure bottomed out and they gave me 3 shots before it would come back up. I was 5 minutes away from an emergency C-section. She was finally born at 3:13.
To be honest my 3rd child came faster then any of them. My water broke at 5 am and he was born at 10:05 am.

I had three kids each one was quicker than the first so they put me in the hospital and induce my labor for the last pregnancy.Said I wouldn’t make it to the hospital

All my labors were about 3-4 hours. My 4th was the same, I was actually pregnant the longest with him, almost overdue.

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With my 4th, I was 12 days past my due date :pensive: she came 3 hrs before our scheduled induction. Was in labor the whole 45 minutes to hospital… Holding her in in the car. She came out in one push :joy::heart:

My fourth I didn’t make it to the hospital. The hospital that I was supposed to deliver at is 1&1/2 hrs away. All we have were we live is an ER. I woke up at 130am with contractions started to drive to hospital. There was a crazy snow storm that night. We took us 30 minutes to drive 11 miles made my husband turn around and go to the ER. Literally gave birth 2 minutes after getting there. Gave birth at 303am.

I almost lost my fourth one in front of the hospital after 30 minutes drive. Just made it in time to sit on the table and my husband was there to welcome him to the world. My doctor was not there and afterwards not happy with me.

With my 4th my water leaked all day went to the hospital at 11:30 that night, didn’t have contractions but was dialated three at 12:30 p.m. gave me pitocin and at 1:05 p.m. my daughter was born

All pregnancies and deliveries are different. Ive have 7 pregnancies and deliveries. Only 6 living. My 4th is my 2nd to worst delivery (my 1st is hands down my stillbirth). I had to be induced at 39w for high blood pressure. I was on pitocin for hours and the cervix softener was not working. 24 hours after starting induction my cervix was barely 2cm. So they used a balloon on me. That was the worst pain I have ever felt. And I even ran a fever during all this so automatically my baby was going to the NICU to receive antibiotics incase my uterus had an infection. With the balloon they were able to get my cervix to 3cm and break my water. Things slowly went from there but I finally started dilating. Overall a 36 hour labor. My 1st was 9 hours, my 2nd 8 hours, 3rd 4 hours, 4th 36 hours, 5th 12 hours, 6th emergency csection (stillbirth), 7th repeat csection

Mine were all 30 hrs but water breaking n pushing about 2 and a half hrs. After the water breaks is the major pain with contractions that you get use to bringing them down is easy they do it for you as well its the last push that takes hts to get them out. My 2nd the dr was in the room n cut me so I didn’t suffer for 2 hrs trying to get a watermelon that felt like a grapefruit trying to get through a golf ball size whole. With people trying to rip me to get her out, till dr showed up numb me and snip. I think waiting till the water breaks is the longest but getting them through the end seems freaking longer lol

4th was about 3 1/2 hours- he was massive. My 3rd was 2 hours- would have been an hour if she wasn’t posterior. Is prepare yourself for a quick one!

All four of my births were as radically different and the preceding pregnancy. Don’t worry about it until you’re in it and roll with what comes. It’s really not in your control anyway. Best of luck to you!

There’s really no way to tell. My first was 10 hours ended in emergency c-section. 2nd was 3 hours 26 mins. 3rd was 11 hours and 20 mins. 4th was 2 hours. 5th was 2 mins shy of 4 hours. 6th was 3 hours. My 5 vbacs were born less than 2 mins after water broke.

I was dilated at 4-5 cm for a few weeks. My water broke just a little took my time getting to the hospital had a couple braxton hicks (so I thought) and had him within six minutes of being hooked up to the monitor. Went from 0 pain to 20 in seconds. My brain couldnt comprehend it. I was still screaming for an epideral as I was pushing him out

My second start to finish was 30 minutes. I never went into full labor with him, he was delivered within 5 minutes of my water breaking, 10 minutes after getting to the hospital. My 3rd was induced and took 6 hours. It all depends on your body and the baby. No labor is the same.

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