How did your stretch marks look after pregnancy?

I am wondering for those of you who got stretch marks and gained upwards of 50 pounds during your pregnancy if your skin was able to tighten back up after time? FTM here and I am so nervous about what my stomach will look like after this like sagging skin? Any advice on helping the recovery process for tummy skin tightening/ stretch marks would be appreciated. TIA.


I can show you what they look like after four pregnancies. I never gained over 35 lbs with any of them.

Lotion, lotion, and more lotion.
Did I forget to mention lotion?

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Nope! I had extra skin from losing almost 100 pounds. Marks are white and stayed white. Gained 40 pounds from pregnancy and still holding on to 18. Stomach looks like a deflated balloon still 5 months later.

Stretch marks are there to stay! But wear something after birth, like a waist trainer or just something tight around your tummy for at least two weeks. It’s something I should have done. But it helps with the loose skin. I have my pouch and stretch marks still after giving birth to my first born 8 years ago!

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I mean I got some but they faded. I’m a little thick to begin with so I don’t notice any extra skin lol it’s def not a big deal though like we’re the only ones who truly care

It’s always important to consider everyone’s body is different and recovers different, as well. But in my experience, mine started off reddish and then after the birth, they eventually turned white or almost the same as my unstretched skin. But the depth of mine are more visible than the actual color. There’s really nothing you can about them once they’re there. Just make sure to keep your stomach and other stretching places heavily moisturized…like really moist lol. And what ever you do, PLEASE DON’T SCRATCH! No matter how itchy. Just get more lotion (invest in some good stuff or coconut oil) and rub it. It will help the itching. And of course, drinking water helps with hydration.

I gained 50lbs and had stretch marks on my boobs and thighs. I don’t work out I just limit my carbs and soda. I try and eat at home all the time. My stretch marks are gone. No creams or anything just being healthy

3 kids later. This is also 12years after my 1st (I gained about 80lbs with her) and 4 years after my youngest ( I gained 28lbs with him).

When I stand up I do have abit of a sag on the left side but I think that’s because of weakened muscle and having 3 c-sections. I never used any lotion for any pregnancy.

However my friend has 5 kids and she’s probably 120lbs now and doesn’t look likes she’s ever been pregnant lol.

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12 years on i still have mine from my daughter although there white now

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I used The Honest Company belly balm everyday before and after I showered or when I felt dry throughout the day. I gained almost 50 lbs. Lost almost 30 lbs in just 2 wks after having my son. I did not get stretch marks. I guess it has to do with your genes too? My mom nor grandma don’t have stretch marks either.

I got all mine from my first one . He weighed 8#6oz. I was all baby. Stomach tightened back up in a month…

This is my stomach 2 months pp

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I’ll be honest I still have mine I gained roughly 25-40 lbs with all 3 pregnancies except my current one I have only gained 5 lbs and I’m halfway through. However if you put aquaphor or some other type of moisturizer it lessens the appearance of them.

My stretch marks lighted up not faded but unless you know they are there you don’t see them

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Stretch Marks are genetic for the most part so look at your mom and theres a decent chance you will follow. My mom has none and I even as a plus size chick have some very very very faint ones. It’s all about elasticity keeping hydrated helps too

Mine looks a lot like this, I went from a size 8 before pregnancy to a size 12 after giving birth! Not the greatest body in the world but i love it, my partner loves it & my kids love to jiggle my tummy around :joy:


I thank my grandma and mom for their awesome genetics. No stretch marks or extra skin.

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I have stretch marks still 2 mos PP but they’re definitely lighter. I’ve used Bio Oil and palmers coconut oil lotion to help them. I gained about 60 lbs and have about 20 to lose still.