How do I answer being served papers?

This is for anyone who lives in Texas or just might even know what to do. I recently got served with a citation for court. I knew this was coming because instead of having a simple meeting with the attorney general, my ex decided to wanted to take it to court. So it’s been since October when this all started. I got the citation Saturday and have 20 days to reply with my answer. How do I go about answering? I cannot afford an attorney, and I can’t make it in to see one. Every number I call it’s just “press this number for this,” and I cannot ever get a real person on the phone.


You need get an attorney. You should go through the courts. Get your own attorney. You want someone looking out for you

Idk how it is in Texas but where I am from there are legal aids that help you. Just by going to the courts

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Contact the Texas Bar Association. You should be able to google it. They can help you

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Look up pro bono lawyers. Or maybe you could call the court house and see if they can help you. Them your situation maybe they will postpone it.

Should be able to go to court house and fill out a paper for legal help! Some lawyers will work with you on price! they have the forms, but it does cost to file

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Most attorneys will speak with you free of charge, for the consultation. Call around. Most also will work with you, payment plans and such. Good luck.

You should also make time to “make it in to see one” it’s rather important.


It’s worth calling around to different law offices. Some here in PA will take you as a client without pay until you “win the case”

You dont need a lawyer for the first court appearance. If you don’t go judge will see it as you don’t give a damn and most likely rule in the other parties favor.

Contact a paralegal. That’s what I did and then when it is time to go to court hire a lawyer for that one hour

In Missouri I just had to go to the court house and reply. In the paperwork it states what kind of things he wants. Like in mine it said that my son’s father wanted to change him last name and I had to put yes I agree or no I do not agree. It’s not hard and I also went to court 3 times 2 months apart until they set a trail and I had to have a lawyer. Good luck

Here in Missouri they also really push for you to work it out outside of trial. Like we made a agreement and his lawyer myself him and the judge just sign off and that’s how we do now. I don’t know how different it is there

My parents settled out of court each with their own attorney. I on the other hand showed up to court 4 times and my daughters dad never showed. I told the judge I could not miss any more work since I am the sole provider for my daughter and he granted me everything I asked for since the other parent wasn’t around to rebuttal.

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