How do I deal with a crazy mother in law?

How does everyone deal with crazy mother in laws?! Mine is so crazy she never leaves us alone. She always has to know what we are doing every day. She is constantly telling us how to raise our child, what we should and shouldn’t be feeding him. She goes against anything we say when she babysits him. If she’s over for dinner, she makes up her plate before I can and only gives her what she wants and mashes it up (she’s almost 2) she doesn’t eat mashed food anymore he likes to feed himself. She still buys the baby purée food from the store for him and always telling me I shouldn’t be giving him certain foods. She’s also telling us that she’s making an appointment for our son to get baptized despite our wishes, which we have told her multiple times we will decide later. Plus, she gets angry when we don’t call every two days. We have to spend every holiday with them which I explained we eventually would spend Christmas’s at our own house with our own kids (she has three kids) she expects everyone and their kids to get together every holiday and if you don’t she’s mad She even tried to plan our whole wedding. Then I was mad we didn’t call her and tell her what our plan was (like the food, desserts, and colors) Please tell me I’m not the only one ?!? The list could go on forever, or maybe it’s just me being crazy? Haha


Your partner needs to have a serious talk with her. She was overstepping so many boundaries


Cut the cord. Put your foot down.


I have no advice here as I adore my MIL but yours sounds batshit! I would definitely be going off on her!!

DITCH HER oh my god. Your kid not hers, honey and if it were me I’d be DAMNED if my MIL said they were getting my child baptized. If her son hasn’t said anything by now he won’t. Be the bitch. That’s the only way she’ll listen.


Sounds like my aunt with her son😆 she literally took the baby and had her baptized by herself. Over domineering. They cut her out of their lives completely it got so ridiculous

It’s not just your job. Your husband needs to tell his mother to back off. You married him not his mom. Simple tell her that she raised her family now it’s your turn to raise yours.


Cut MIL OUT or put your foot down if he wont do it you need to

I can relate . But mine stopped . So how she stopped is put my foot Down told my kids father to tell her to back of of or I would . So he told her she took time to do so but she stopped all that .

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Dont let her babysit if you dont like what she does. Tell your husband to speak up or you will. It continues because you let it.

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LMAO u signed up for that on ur wedding day

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Sounds like she had really bad control issues. It is time for you to be the Bitch! Her son is going to continue to let her run over you both. If she doesn’t follow the rules put her in time out…
No visits with the grandchild until she does it your way! She raised her kids her way this is your kid

You should have known what you signed up for before you said I do but now either put your foot down or have your husband do it

I’d just stop answering calls set boundaries your lives dont revolve around her

Stand up for yourself.

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Tell her how its gonna be!! Your kids- your life-your rules etc. No need to go full Rambo on her but…?

Talk to her.
I know, it’s horrible but that’s really the only thing you can do.
Don’t cut her out, that woman loves you guys and sometimes people don’t know how to show it.
Your husband needs to stand up for you both and your rules for your child.
She raised her kids one way and lots of people don’t understand others parenting choices. Just talk to her. Don’t tell her what to do, don’t force her to stop all at once (some things are habit) and don’t expect a miracle in a week.

my fiance finally realized how toxic his parents were. we no longer talk to them thank goodness

Move to the other side of the country!! Set Boundaries!! If she doesn’t respect them then cut off any time with her. She will either respect or lose out. My m-i-l constantly disrespected boundaries and I got tired of it. She was pissed but I stuck to it. Thankfully she is two hours away.

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I am half joking about moving :joy: