How do I dry up my milk supply?

How do I stop breastfeeding? I was told your supply would drop, I guess, as the baby gets older and starts eating real food more often. He is eight months old now, and I still pump four times a day work. Which my job isn’t being supportive or accommodating me really. I need to switch jobs, but I need the money right now. Anyways what is the estimated age of your baby when you were pretty much completely dry?

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If you want to dry up stop pumping. That’s what is maintaining your milk supply.


Put cabbage in your bra. It will dry your supply up.

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Reducing your milk supply is a slow process, not one that happens overnight. Remember your body will produce the milk that your baby demands. If you are wanting to reduce your supply you simply start by reducing the amount of times you breastfeed or pump. Start with eliminating one feed or pump pre day. This way you will avoid too much discomfort and an oversupply of milk. Over a period of a few months continue to reduce breastfeeding and or pumping until you have completely weaned. It will take some time until your body produces no milk. Hand express the milk where necessary until your milk supply is zero.

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stop pumping. stop feeding it dries up

Stop pumping and compress. I was told by my doctor to wear a tight sports bra. Make sure you were nursing pads in your bra, you will leak for a while on and off

You need to stop pumping. Pumping is signaling your body to make more milk

The best way to do it is drop a pump and spread them out further.


I honestly just let my boobs leak until it stopped leaking milk. Stop pumping to stop the flow of the milk

As long as you’re pumping/nursing, you’re going to produce.


Feeding/pumping less frequently will decrease your supply. If you stop altogether it will likely be super painful due to becoming engourged (sp?). So slowly wean. Only pump 3 times a day for a bit and then decrease to two times a day and then once. It will be less painful and decrease your supply.


I quit cold turkey at 18 months. I hand expressed to keep from getting mastitis and to stave off discomfort.

By law they must! Look up the laws and report them to the department of labor!

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Talk to your OB. I was able to get a pill to stop my supply.

An antihistamine, like Benadryl, will help dry it up.

Definitely decrease slowly.

I wrapped my breast firmly not tight so I can still breathe

Your body won’t stop producing milk (in most cases) until you stop stimulating your breasts. So once you stop pumping and nursing it will dry up.


Cabbage in your bras… raw cabbage what my doctors told me and worked. No it doesn’t smell great and change it every so many hours but quick. In canada they don’t give us meds to.dry up.


Cabbage leaves in your bra will dry them up

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