How do I file taxes with a baby?

Hey! I had my first baby last year, and I have nooooo idea how doing taxes with a baby goes; how do I file online with a baby?


You’ll need their social. It has a spot to claim dependents. It should walk you through it

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Usually online walks u through it. It will ask if u had a baby this year and then ask u to add a dependent. It will walk you through each question. Will ask for the babies social

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Baby will go where the dependents go. It will ask for all their info including social. Online is pretty easy and walks you through it.

If you have credit karma it is extremely easy to file. If you don’t have it get it! It is 100% free and it takes you step by step.

File head of household and 1 dependent it’ll ask for how long have you taken care of dependent put 12 months

If you are using an online service, it should walk you through the steps.

You’ll need baby’s DOB and social security number.

Make sure no one else claims the baby. Only you can claim, or the dad can claim. Only the person that takes care of the baby more than 50% of the year (financial and physical) can claim the baby. So if the dad doesn’t take care of the baby/isn’t in the picture, and asks for the babies social, don’t give it to him!

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You’ll mark the baby as a dependent, but you’ll also need the baby’s social security number.

TurboTax and HRblock will ask you about any new life events! (Having a baby, buying a house, getting married, etc).

You’ll simply put in name, date of birth, and social security number.

It will ask if you provide over 50% of care or childcare expenses and then move on!

I use simple tax. Super easy, I’m a single mom and claim my girls. It asks for date of birth. At the end it will ask you if you’d like to donate to the site but you can click zero and do it for free. The website is SO easy.

Usually you either hold them or put them in a bouncer :woman_shrugging:.


It will ask if you have any dependents click yea and enter the information

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I use turbo it shows u how to do it is really easy

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Make sure you get some help! If you income was under the threshold for the economic impact payment (the Stimulus Check) you should receive $500 for the first and $600 for the second payment. The IRS didn’t know that you had a baby since they based it off your 2019 return but because he/she was born in 2020 they should get their payment too!

Turbo tax is pretty straight forward. It has side bar info and pretty much guides you through it

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It will ask you to provide new information on the dependent (social security, DOB) when you get to your dependents. It will also ask you how much you received from both stimulus checks and will let you know how much will get for the baby for this stimulus checks.

Following!! This is vey helpful.

Turbo tax asks if you’ve had any life changes like new dependents right at the beginning of the process. Make sure you have the baby’s social security number on hand. Turbo also automatically added in the 2020 stimulus money that we didn’t get for the baby into our return!

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Go to h&r block not rocket science