How do I find a reputable pregnancy chiropractor near me?

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You have got to be kidding. Stop asking stupid questions

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See a dolula they work with pregnant wou
Men throughout their pregnancy and can even be there for the birth. My sister had horrible sciatica and her dolls really helped.

Don’t go to massage envy. They will only massage your face :flushed: hour long massage and she only massaged my face, hands, and feet. I was furious!!

Call your insurance provider and ask for a list of chiropractors they cover then call and ask if they take pregnant women


If you happen to live around Central Illinois you should go to Dr. Jake Dunker in Pekin at Central Illinois Chiropractic.

Try Google or Alexa!

Emily Hollingsworth-Clem

Get a referral from your ob


Google chiropractors certified in Webster technique in your area.