How do I get my 7 year old to stop having accidents?

How do you deal with a 7yr old boy with ADHD still pooping in his pants? We’ve tried everything


Have you tried taking him to a doctor to get there opinion

I have a 17 yr old wd adhd please take him to the doctor and support him. It helps a lot

Have him see an ENT. Large tonsils can cause sleep apnea in children which has been connected to ADHD and bed wetting.

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Be patient with him and go to doctor

Remind him to go … put it in ur routine xx

Following as i have same issue with my 6yr old xx

Take him to see a chiropractor, I knw it may sound funny but he may have a subluxation in his back that’s causing problems . My son had peeing issues we saw just about every doctor they had him with underwear that had alarms on it everything. We started to see a chiropractor within a few weeks we were just about dry through out the night he was getting ready for kindergarten


If sexual abuse isn’t a possibility, a chiropractor can work wonders.

I was told if he experienced anything traumatic it can cause a kid to regress and do this. Currently going through this with my 10.5 yr old

Make a box with little presents and stickers in it and everytime he poops in the potty let him pick something out of the box but if he has an accident that day dont let him pick something of the box.


Have you asked your pediatrician?

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Maybe look into b1 deficiency!!

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Have you seen a gastroenterologist

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Im having the same issue with my 8 year old. Doctors tell me he will grow out of it. Honestly im lost dont know wht else to do

Talk with your pediatrician about using a children’s laxative. This is what my sister did per pediatricians recommendation for my nephew and it helped tremendously.

Typically kids have a routine to their bowel movements. My daughter during potty training would wait for dad and I to get in the shower so for our shower she’d sit until she pooped lol.

Has his pediatrician been notified Is? Is he medicated or in therapy for ADHD? If not it maybe something to look into.

Also threaten pull ups. It worked with my 4 year old after a year of pooping pants. But it was like a light bulb went off. Its almost like she liked the attention of pooping her underwear. We told her she could get a special surprise if she went like a big girl, so that in conjunction with pull ups worked, out of nowhere.

My first peice of advice is to make sure there’s no medical issues.
My oldest (also 7 with adhd) has chronic constipation issues and has since he was a baby. He had a tendency of holding it which made it worse. In his case it wasnt always obvious that was his issue because he rarely complained about belly discomfort.
Adding Miralax (under doctor’s orders) helped a TON.
In addition to that, watching for his cues and reminding him to go helped as well. We implemented discipline when he would refuse and then have an accident (we just simply put whatever he was refusing to step away from up for the rest of the day).