How do I get over the fear of having another miscarriage?

I’m six weeks two days. Had a miscarriage in November. Weren’t really trying for this one. But still very glad I’m pregnant. How do I get over the fear of having a miscarriage again? I just feel like everything I do could cause one. I know if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen no matter what, but still. I was just trying to get past my fears.


Honestly I bought a doppler. Whenever I got anxious I would listen to his heart beat. Don’t panic if you can’t find it at first tho, takes some time. And I didn’t find his heart beat until 12 weeks.

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You don’t.
It’s unfortunate. But focus on building a support system and opening up to your obgyn.

I had two losses before my daughter and it never went away until she was in my arms.

Good luck :two_hearts::sparkles:


I am so sorry u have to go thru this big hugs I had a bad miscarriage 5 years ago I was 7 in half months pregnant with a identical twins girls God is always on your side I am still heart broken over mine u can’t never get over a miscarriage take one day at a time I am always here for u anytime my name is Crystal

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I had a miscarriage in March. I was devastated because we were trying and it seemed surreal to even experience. I got pregnant again in July (not trying, but not preventing) and refused to tell anyone except hubby until after my first ultrasound. I’m now 30 weeks with my second baby girl and I still get worried that something will go wrong. I don’t think you get over the fear. But the farther along you get, the more manageable that fear becomes. I always just looked forward to milestones. And called my OB anytime I was nervous.

Chill, your anxiety is not good for the vaby

Miscarriages are very hard! And nothing can prepare you for it… I had a miscarriage that was weird my levels would go up then go down then skyrocket… they thought it was ectopic but ended up needing surgery… and the baby came back being a viable pregnancy… we weren’t trying to get pregnant again but accidents happen and a month later I was pregnant again with a happy healthy baby came out of it in the end… but I was miserable my whole pregnancy with anxiety because I didnt wanna lose another but once I hit the safe zone I felt a sense of relief… honey you will get there dont give up

Raising you and your child up now in prayer :pray:t3:

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You won’t. You will be afraid until that baby is safe in your arms. Don’t let it overcome you though. Try to focus on the excitement and anticipation. I know it’s hard and it will seem impossible to do, but try.

I had 3 miscarriages and then got pregnant with my now 3 month old son. Idk if you’re religious, but what got me through was a lot of faith and a lot of prayer. Took it day by day. Good luck💜

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I went through 2. I blamed myself both times. I don’t know what I could have done differently to avoid either.

I had a lot of rest during my third pregnancy. I spoke to my doctor about my fears and he gave me medication.

I’m in the very same boat right now. I had a miscarriage back in July and now I’ll be 11 weeks on Sunday. The fear and being anxious is very real and so uncomfortable but remember just because you miscarried last time doesn’t mean you will this time. I was so anxious around the time I had lost the other one this time around my doctor let me come in to do blood work to make sure my levels were going up. When I got my results back(which my levels were perfect) he let me come in for an early ultrasound to check on baby(baby is doing fantastic and everything is right on time🙌) Now I have a hand held doppler that I use at home which I wasn’t able to find the heart beat until around 10 weeks but it makes it so much easier for when I start to get anxious again. If your doctor would let you I do recommend going in just to check how everything is going, it will definitely give you a peace of mind. One thing to remember is stay calm, rest of much as you can and sit back and enjoy this beautiful journey!

I don’t believe the fear ever goes away. I had a ectopic pregnancy years ago. When I did become pregnant again I was terrified. My dr was so understanding. The extra ultrasounds to make sure my daughter was where she belonged. The extra phone calls to vent my concerns. I found the most helpful thing was a support group on Facebook I had found and all the success stories after. I really believe it happens for a reason.


I had a miscarriage July 2019 and had my son September 2020. I don’t think I stopped holding my breath until the doctor said we were all good at my 20 week appointment. I took care of myself and him but really withheld myself emotionally from the whole thing cause I was so scared of losing him. Sending positive thoughts your way. :heart:

I feel like every woman has that fear regardless of circumstances. I was always worried when I was pregnant. Just breathe in & breathe out. God has a plan :innocent::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Stay calm stress and worry bad for you and baby good luck you got this

Just take a deep breath and relax. There’s a great app called Count the Kicks you can use later in the pregnancy. It helps you determine if the baby is kicking enough.

One solution is not to get pregnant.That easy.


The fear will Never go away, I had to experience 11…yes 11 of them…I have 2 boys 20yrs & 13 yrs…I know that with support, love and caring you will be blessed with a beautiful baby…:pray:


Don’t stress, I know its hard!! I had one may and it ended in miscarriage. and ended up with my rainbow baby in march. Just tell yourself that it will be successful and take your vitamins and necessary things :heart: prayers for you