How do I go about getting car seats replaced after an accident?

The question can u post anonymously? I was just in a car accident with both of my children yesterday (I was not at fault) was alright just really scary for car seat replacements. Doesn’t the insurance company replace them, or does the manufacturer replace them. I’ve read about one or the other but wasn’t sure who to ask first I have yet to ask and am going to just wanted to hear other people’s thoughts and what the process was ban for getting replacements.


The insurance co replaced mine

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Insurance company. They’ll usually ask if you had any car seats in the vehicle, if they don’t, definitely mention it.

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If you have full coverage insurance will replace them… we had to go buy the one we wanted and they repaid us the money

When you speak to the insurance agent make sure you tell them both of your children were sitting in their car seats and that you need to replace them. Years ago mine had us submit receipts and they reimbursed.


When I was in a car accident the other drivers insurance company gave me money for a new carseat. I did have to cut the straps on it and take pictures and send them to the insurance company.


CarSeat Safety is a FABULOUS group and can answer this question and literally whatever else you want to know/ didn’t know you needed to know. I have learned an incredible amount from this group.

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When I was in an accident I had to send a picture of the car seat and the sticker on it and they sent me a check for the car seats that were in the vehicle so I could replace them! Glad you and your babies are okay!

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When my husband was in a accident with our car seat base in the car the insurance wrote us a check to cover the cost of a replacement I just had to send them the info on it and the cost

My insurance company said they wouldn’t if there wasn’t any damages to them

Call your insurance company

Contact the car seat company as well and let them know about the accident and that you are really glad you’re kids were in those seats. They might give you a coupon or even replace them for free.

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When I got in a car wreck the insurance company had deposited a check into my bank account the same day to replace my sons car seat we were not at fault and they didn’t have to investigate bc the girl who caused the wreck admitted fault it was a pretty bad wreck but my kids weren’t with my husband and I thank god but they had me email them the pic of the car seat I had offline and they gave me the money for a new one instantly I had the forever car seat

Their insurance company is responsible for replacing them but if it’s like when we got hit be prepared for a fight, don’t back down and if needed print information from the car seat manufacturer showing they must be replaced after a wreck that’s what got ours replaced


I’ve heard the insurance covers it. I would ask them first.

Insurance company should

I personally called the company itself & got a free replacement. Not sure how it goes with the insurance company though.

The insurance. I hit a cow a few years ago and had car seats in the back, I mentioned it to the insurance guy inspecting the van, he also inspected the car seats.

I was hit by a tow truck with my son in the car. Insurance company made us cut the straps on the seat and send them pictures to replace it and they replaced it with one most similar to it.

I was hit by a woman who was texting and drove through a red light. My baby was two. Her insurance first said no to replacing it then offered $50. I threatened to get a lawyer involved since she was at fault. They told me to buy whatever I needed and send in the receipts. I can’t remember what it was but it was not cheap. I think it was over $300.