How do I go about starting my daughter on milk?

My daughter is turning one this month; I wanted to hear from diff moms about how they went about starting their kids on milk? She’s always done Similac Sensitive formula. A lot of ppl tell me to start her on milk now, but I honestly wanted to maybe start on almond milk… any mommas got any advice?


Talk to your childs doctor an see what they say. Bc if she is on a special formula she may not be able to handle milk an may need a milk based product

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I would begin with 75% formula and 25% milk, start decreasing the amount of formula used until you are just giving them milk. Be careful with almond milk, it’s not that healthy and nutritious for kids. Not all are created equal.


I started with mixing regular milk with formula and my daughter used Similac sensitive as well. The first day I did 2 oz regular milk and 4 oz formula for about two days than I did 3oz regular milk and 3 oz formula for two days, and than I did 4 oz regular milk and 2 oz formula for 2 days than I did all milk


My daughter had to use hypoallergenic formula and I starting mixing milk into her formula at 1yr old for maybe a month or so just to make sure she could tolerate the milk. I slowly increased the amount of milk and decreasing the formula until it was all milk! She just turned 2 and has done completely fine on regular cows milk!

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So I had to start my oldest on almond milk because his tummy didn’t agree with milk until he was about 14 months.
I started with 2oz almond for every 8 oz bottle (so 6oz formula)

Have food allergie testing done… especially if she’s already sensitive

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My daughter was on similac sensitive also and when she turned one wic put her on whole lactaid milk an shes been doing good with it.

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I mixed whole milk with her aluminum formula but becuz she was on a lactose free formula I used lactose free whole milk by fairlife. I just milk 50/50 then more whole milk than formula till it was just milk.

We dont drink milk here, it’s not necessary so dont stress over it. :two_hearts:


An ounce at a time per bottle,per week to see how her tummy adjusts.Until you have completely switched over to milk. 2nd week two oz, third week 3 oz , etc …That’s what I did

Make sure you replace the fat 1-2 year olds are supposed to get from whole milk. If you have a WIC office near you they can give you info about it. OR talk to your ped.

I started cutting formula with milk over the course of a couple weeks.

My daughter has been drinking milk since she was 9 months but you do you momma. I would ask her doctor first about almond milk


Whatever you choose make sure it’s full fat. They need it for proper brain and organ development


Talk to her pediatrician

Don’t. It’s for baby cows :cow:


I had to use lactose free homogenized for my son. I started by adding 2ozs to his bottle to see how his tummy would react. After a week with no reaction I added another 2ozs did that for a week until he was on a full milk bottle. Only thing I found with my son was he liked the formula warm but once he was on just milk he preferred it cold.

If she has been on a sensitive formula you need to slowly mix milk into because she may also have a sensitivity to milk I would do skim or 1% see how she does but I wouldn’t use a nut based milk incase of nut allergy

My daughter is 16 month’s old I started her on milk at 12 months just like an ounce at first dont stress tho just make sure it’s full of fat.