How do I know if I am leaking fluid?

I’m not sure if I’m leaking fluid. I’m waiting for a call back from my doctor. Around 11:00-11:30, I rolled over in bed, and there was a wet spot on my pants and the bed. No big deal I figured extra discharge or I peed. The two hours since then, I’ve been back and forth to the bathroom, and every time I sit, fluid leaks out. I wipe, and it’s clear. Something a light yellow which would be pee but mostly clear and watery. I have an urge to pee constantly. I’m only 25 weeks. Does this sound like fluids leaking


Yes it does!! Do have the urge to pee? Any cramping?!

Go to the emergency room

Sounds like you’re leaking amniotic fluid .
I would go to the ER asap .

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Go to the er ASAP. Sounds like your water is breaking or leaking!!

Well is the leaking fluid coming from your urethra or is it vaginal?

Go to the ER. No way to know without a test.

Yes. Go to the hospital better safe than sorry.

Clear is amniotic, if leaking from vagina, please be seen immediately at ER.

Stay calm. Go to the emergency room, they will test the fluid, if it is amniotic fluid they will go from there. If it is just pee, you are in the clear. I think getting checked in general will make you less stressed about it. Doesn’t hurt. Good luck mama!


I don’t think you’re supposed to go to the ER. I think you’re supposed to go straight to labor and delivery and they should be able to get you in a bed right away.


Definitely likely, they can reverse labour if you arrive in time so even if it’s not at least you got peace of mind and if it is then no better place to be but in hospital. Ring an ambulance

If you can’t hold it/stop the flow go to ER. My son was born 3hrs after I experienced something similar.

Go to the hospital now. Do not wait for your doctor. Go now. Tell them you think your water is leaking and you’re only 25 weeks. Get off your phone and go now…

Call labour and delivery and let them know that you are coming and go nowwwwwwww


Went through something similar. Went in for an appointment, had not even 1cm dilation. Less than 2 hours later, noticed I started leaking. Didn’t think too much about it bc it was a gush of water or that much. But it didn’t stop. Waited till the next morning and still leaking. But this time it went down my leg. Called my doctor, he was on vacation and his nurse was off. Went to the hospital, and sure enough my water had broke. I was still barely a cm dilated. Had to be induced, still couldn’t dilate fast enough. Ended up having a section. So seems like the person who checked me for my appointment, accidentally ruptured my water bag

It’s gross but smell it; if it’s sweet - amniotic fluid. Has a urine smell- it’s urine

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Go to labor and delivery hun. This happened to me at 30 weeks and I was in premature labor. I had a ruptured membrane. I was kept on bed rest at the hospital for 2 weeks before they had to induce me at 32 weeks. Do not wait, the chance of infection grows the longer you wait.

Go get checked!!! NEVER WAIT!!!

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girl whenever I was leaking fluid with my last pregnancy every time I called sneezed moved or anything I felt a gush at first I thought I was pissing myself but nope I had to go to the hospital wearing my older daughter’s pull up they had to induce me the next morning and I went into labor

Put a pad on and lay completely flat and still for an hour. If it’s wet, clear, slightly sweet smell go to the ER.


You need to put on pad to gauge the leaking!